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By Oscar Michel, 18, USC
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When I went out to look for youth services in my neighborhood, I walked around for hours trying to see what might interest a teenager like myself but found nothing except for the obvious—movies and food. My Hollywood neighborhood consists of movie theaters, shops and restaurants.

In the beginning of my research I thought the only things I would find in my neighborhood were going to be shelters for homeless teens and nothing more. Toward the end, I realized that although most organizations focus on the homeless, there are a number of organizations whose outreach is toward youth in general. I found out that Hollywood does have a lot more to offer than just shelters. I also realized that the many shelters in Hollywood also serve a good cause and provide teens in my community with much needed services.

The only barriers that I see for teens is that they don’t know how to find help. Teens aren’t willing to seek out what’s offered around them, it has to be brought to them. Most teens have a life that revolves around home and school. Anything else, they don’t really pay attention to. For this reason, many think nothing is out there for them and go find other things to do. If at all possible, what I’d like this project to do is have an effect on teenagers. Teens should realize that access is not that hard and all one has to do is a little research. If I can do it, I’m sure anyone can.