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Mom and Dad

I read your article titled "10 Things We Hate About Mom and Dad" [May-June 1999]. I was surprised to find myself in most of the situations. I think parents should give their teens choices instead of rules. Let the teens decide what is right for them. Then they can learn from their own mistakes.
—Linda Pham, 16, Verdugo Hills HS

Coping with Stress

It is great that you guys wrote about stress ["Stress: How Teens Get Relief," May-June 1999]. A few months ago I was at the point where my hair was falling out because of stress. My mom had noticed, but everytime she would try to help me, I would shut her out. Finally she got a word in and figured out that my stress was about school. With her help, I decided to keep a schedule. The schedule helps me know when I could do my work and find the time to just take a nap or do my favorite stress-relieving thing: drawing. My life is still difficult, but with her help I know I’ll make it.
—Diana Mejia, Verdugo Hills HS


I just read the article "In Search of Myself" [May-June 1999]. It was very disturbing to read how prejudiced people can be. If people are ignorant and make stupid comments, they should just keep their mouths shut. People need to make more of an effort to learn about other’s backgrounds so hopefully they will not judge people so harshly.
—Christina Adam, 16, Verdugo Hills HS