By Ann Beisch, 15, Marymount HS
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It was the best of times—I danced twice with David Gallagher from 7th Heaven.

And it was the worst of times—My mom made me leave by 11 p.m.

But overall, my Club One Seven experience was great, and I’ll definitely go again.

It all started when the club’s promoters visited my school to entice teens to the new club at Hollywood & Highland. They put our names on a special list and we got in for free. That was great, since admission is $20. The club opens at 8:30 p.m. and closes at 1:30 a.m.

I got there at 9 p.m., and it was pretty dead inside. I wondered where all the people were. I was excited and ready to dance! My friends and I hung out on some comfy big couches with a wonderful view of the dance floor. It was a good idea to get there early, because by 10 p.m. the place was packed and many people had no where to sit.

We marveled at how cool the club is designed and found it much cleaner than the Whisky or Roxy—especially the bathrooms. The bar is 50 feet long and under funky lights. Drinks are expensive though. I paid $4.50 for a Red Bull. They also serve Snapple and other drinks like that.

David Gallagher, known as Simon Camden on the TV show 7th Heaven, showed up with some friends. They all wore red shirts and crip-walked the whole time. Immediately, they became the center of attention. Girls threw themselves at him.

I wore a crazy hat and was dancing with my friends when David came up behind me and his friend stood in front of me. David grabbed my hat and pranced around with it. Later he came back, and we danced again. It was very exciting. I wish I had a camera with me to remember that moment.

Be prepared for major security

There’s intense security there. The club is only for people between the ages of 15-20 and they check IDs. They searched my purse and ran a security wand over my body. My friend had to spit out her gum. They don’t allow backpacks, hair spray or mouth wash among other things. There’s a coat check place, but it costs money. So we held our stuff and brought it on the dance floor with us.

Most people wore clothes that you’d wear to a school dance. Girls wore jeans and cropped shirts. Guys wore T-shirts and jeans or khakis. They don’t permit excessively baggy clothing, caps, spiked jewelry or steel-toed boots.

Since the club is only open on Fridays and Saturdays, you can rent the place during the week and have a party with up to 700 people. My friends are considering throwing birthday parties there.

My mom waited by the valet parking to pick us up. That made it easy and she didn’t complain. If you drive there, they’ll validate parking, but you still have to pay something.

For more information, call them at (323) 462-4172.