By Ana Cikara, 17, Monroe High School
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With its funky electronic punk beats and inspirational riot grrrl lyrics, Feminist Sweepstakes, Le Tigre‘s second album, is their best work so far. Kathleen Hanna, former vocalist of Bikini Kill, Johanna Fateman, and a new all-star JD Samson get you tappin’your foot, at the least. Hanna’s trademark blood-curdling voice protests the life men have forced upon women throughout history. The group favors attacking sexual harassment and the oppression of women and does it beautifully in "On Guard," "FYR" and other songs on the album. But the most important thing about this album, and the reason that every girl should own a copy, is it’s empowering! After you listen to this album, you’ll know you can be anyone and do anything that you want regardless of the people who try to get in your way. "Just please hold on to your pride and so don’t let them bring you down and don’t let them f*** you around ‘cuz those are your arms, that is your heart and no, no they can’t tear you apart. They can’t take it away, no! This is your time, this is your life and (keep on livin’!)" —Le Tigre