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What’s your New Year’s resolution?

We asked students at Mountain View High School in the San Gabriel Valley for their resolutions.

"If I can’t grow five inches by the end of the year, then I’d rather not have a resolution. Right now, I’m 4 feet 11 inches and three-fourths."
—Tammy Phan, 16

"I want to win the lottery and buy every pair of Jordans."
—Jesse Lopez, 17

"I want to achieve in life and overcome my troubles."
—Jennifer Franco, 17

"Mine is to give up candy and pick up my guitar to start playing again."
—Sandra Valdez, 16

"My resolution is to quit licking walls and spitting out my food."
—Maria Montes, 16

"I want to make sure I learn everything I can this school year."
—Kimberly Castillo, 14

"My resolution is to be more open-minded and to work harder in school."
—Mario Alvarez, 17