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Fave compact disc

"I like "The Sickness" by Disturbed, because I just like it!"
—Anthony Yonano, 16

"I like Mariah Carey‘s "#1’s." She has such unique beats and a remarkable voice."
—Tanya Chavez, 17

"I like Rage Against the Machine. They sing about real issues – not about diamond rings and ‘hos. They’re realistic."
—Eric Cross, 17

"I like Fiona Apple‘s first album, because it fits every mood that I’m in. It makes me feel protected."
—Aubrey Ramos, 15

"I like "A Perfect Circle" by A Perfect Circle, because they’ve incorporated good technical skills. It’s driven by emotion."
—Nicole Briggs, 17

"I like Tash, because it just fits the mood."
 —Michelle Halali, 17

"I like Sublime, because I have a lot of memories attached to it."
—Melissa Branchaud, 17

"I like "Riding with the King" by Eric Clapton and B.B. King. I play guitar and try to learn from the musicians. This CD has a good combination of blues and rock music."
—Jason Debroux, 17

"I like Collective Soul‘s "Dosage." I saw them in concert and they’re a good band."
—Stephanie Speer, 16

Recent movie rentals

"I rented Don’t be a Menace in South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood. It’s a comedy on gangster life. It had some bad scenes in it, but overall it was funny."
—Cyrus Farnoush, 16

"I usually just see movies on pay-per-view. So the last one I saw was American History X. It was very deep with emotion. It had a lot of violence."
—Anthony Miller, 16

"The last one I rented was Mystery, Alaska. It’s a hockey movie. I thought it was good, because I like hockey."
—Jerry Lee, 17

"For me, it was Love and Basketball. I loved it. It was a really good love story."
—Chandra Thompson
, 17

"I rented The Thomas Crown Affair. It was so good. I liked that it had a twisted ending to it."
—Barbara Lajvardi
, 16

"I saw Final Destination. I liked it and thought it was so good, even though it was really frightening."
—Genie Song, 16

"The last movie I rented was A Man for All Seasons. I read the book and my teacher told me that it was a good movie. She was right."
—Lizette Sanchez, 17

"I saw Enemy of the State. I watched it three times and now have it on DVD."
—Jimmy Guaman, 17

What do you like to do?

"I like to go out with my friends. We’ll go to Starbucks, the movies or out for dinner—somewhere we can all hang out."
—Elissa Rosner, 16

"I like to play basketball, go to the movies with friends and watch sports with my friends."
—Ryan Griffith
, 16

"I like to do stuff with my friends and my sister. Besides playing softball on the weekends, we’ll grab something to eat. We like the Pizza Cookery. On Fridays, we go to football games with friends."
—Lindsay Goldblatt, 16

"I surf all over the place and spear fish by Catalina and the Channel Islands. Or I’ll hang out with my friends at someone’s house. Or we’ll see a movie."
—Tyson Parsons, 16

"My friends and I go bowling and play basketball at the park. Sometimes we’ll go to Topanga Plaza or Calabasas Commons and make idiots of ourselves in public."
—Adam Thomas, 16

"I like going to big fancy parties and weddings. I also like to go visit my cousins. I like to go to Magic Mountain."
—Sara Noori, 16

"I do nothing that has to do with school. But sometimes I do have volleyball tournaments. Other times, I go bowling or hang out with my friends—anything relaxing."
—Marina Lobefaro, 16