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Most people work for others. Working for others, however, is not for everyone. Some individuals, called entrepreneurs, welcome the challenge of starting their own business and working for themselves. Research on entrepreneurs suggests that they share certain characteristics. Entrepreneurs tend to be willing to take risks. They are people who seem to enjoy being independent, leading and being recognized. Among other things, entrepreneurs tend to be confident, hard working, well organized and self-starters.

Should you start your own business?
Take the test.

Complete the questionnaire below. Read each statement on the left and place an X in the column that reflects whether you agree or disagree with the statement and how strongly you agree or disagree. There are no right or wrong answers.


1. I sometimes enjoy taking risks.

2. I like to work hard at projects that interest me.

3. I have a high level of energy.

4. I want to achieve results based largely on my own efforts.

5. I like being creative.

6. I like to start projects on my own.

7. I tend to see tasks throughto completion.

8. I am confident in my abilities.

9. I am good at a lot of different tasks.

10. I am interested in making lots of money.

1 Strongly Disagree
2 Disagree
3 Agree
4 Strongly Agree

When you have completed the questionnaire, notice that each response has a numeric rating. Add the total number of points of the ratings you have given each statement and write the total in the space below.

Total Points =
Survey Results

1-9 Little inclination toward being an entrepreneur.
10-19 Somewhat inclined toward being an entrepreneur.
20-29 Inclined toward being an entrepreneur.
30-40 Very inclined toward being an entrepreneur.

Source: Financial Fitness for Life: Bringing Home the Gold; National Council on Economic Education, NCEE