Santa Monica Pier photo gallery

By Hassan Nicholas, 18
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Ah, the ferris wheel. Hassan said he'd never been on one and was not sure he'd ride this one, but it makes for a nice backdrop to life on the Santa Monica Pier.

For a cool photo outing one Saturday, we visited the Santa Monica Pier and roamed around Third Street Promenade. Hassan hasn’t gone to the pier in about four years, because it’s out of the way and there are places closer to his house where he can hang out without having to get a ride. He often hangs out at the Beverly Center, sips on lattes from Starbucks and works on a book about pigeons.

"Without a car, my spirit wanders aimlessly on the Highway of Life. Taking detours, I’ll see an Emergency Exit waiting for the Tow Truck of Hope to lead me on the main track and off to my destination," Hassan said in a BS voice.

This was the first time Nicole and Myesha went to the Santa Monica Pier. Aside from a bad-tasting pastry called an elephant ear that Nicole bought, took one bite of and immediately chucked in the garbage, the day was overall an 8.9, Hassan said.
From a celebrity sighting to watching peddlers on the street and then a trip to McDonald’s, there was a lot to look at in Santa Monica, even if it was crazy people talking to themselves.