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Local pizza joints were put to the test when the L.A. Youth staff chowed down on pizza for a blind taste test. Teens did not know where the large pizzas came from or how much they cost until the final piece was eaten and judged.

Pies were rated on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being lowest and 5 the highest scores. Some pizzas fared better than others. Everybody had their own preferences from sauce to crust. All pizzas were one-half cheese and one-half pepperoni.

L.A. Youth staff members, as usual, were not at a loss for words about what they liked and hated. But for the sake of good journalism, they sacrificed two hours on a Saturday to do this and share the news with you.

Participating in testing the pizzas were Shengul Bajrami, 17; Ann Beish, 15, Marymount High School; Nicole Bryant, 16, King/Drew Medical Magnet; Ana Cikara, 16, Monroe High School; Daniel Clarke, 17, Hamilton Music Academy; Nogie Demirjian, 17, Granada Hills High School; Bianca Gallegos, 17, Marshall High School; Bobbie Givens; Jennifer Gottesfeld, 15, Beverly Hills High School; Howard Hwang, 15, Marshall High School; April Hudson, 16, St. Mary’s Academy; Berley Kerr, 18; Richard Kwon, 17, Loyola High School; Myesha Lewis, 17, King/Drew Medical Magnet; Danny Maryanov, 16, Santa Monica High School; Lea Mouallem, 15, Marymount High School; Hassan Nicholas, 18, West L.A. College; Diana Park, 16, La Canada High School; Whitney Stefko, 16, Monroe High School; Michael Zinshteyn, 17, Santa Monica High School.

Pizza Hut:
Cost: $15 Overall: 3
"It’s good if you’re, like, really hungry," said Karina.

Cost: $10.79. Overall: 2
"This one goes well with rubber bands," said Michael.
"The crust is too thin," said Bianca.

Papa John’s:
Cost: $13 Overall: 4
"It would be a five, if there was more cheese," said Danny.

Numero Uno:
Cost: $15
Overall: ? Staff members could not agree on this one.
"It smells like fish," said Karina.

Cost: $10.75
Overall: 3
"This tastes like carnival pizza," said Bobbie Givens.