By Genevieve Geoghan, 16, Marlborough School
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It is strange to think that Solar de Cahuenga (Place on Cahuenga), a somewhat new crepe café, was formerly a run-down patio furniture store that was selling gallons of milk and cutting keys to stay in business. Within the past year, this corner space has been transformed into an artsy, relaxed café, where every item on the menu is unique and extremely tasty. The café says that it “spans the culinary globe” with recipes derived from French, Mediterranean and South American dishes. Although Solar de Cahuenga serves your typical French crepe, they also serve a Fajitas crepe and many Italian-inspired crepes, such as the amazing Cannelloni filled with ricotta and topped with Parmigiano and Marinara sauce.

The café’s sweet crepes are interesting and uncommon; along with your average Nutella (chocolate hazelnut spread) crepe, (which tastes so good anywhere), Solar de Cahuenga serves an Energy crepe filled with granola, yogurt and peaches. For something even sweeter, there’s the Pear crepe which includes brandy pears, toasted almonds, chocolate sauce and French vanilla ice cream.

But their crepes aren’t all the café has to offer—the paninis are also amazing, namely the Portobello panini, which comes with Gouda, hummus, Portobello mushrooms and a side of pesto mayo. The menu also includes omelettes, breakfast crepes, and sandwiches and salads that are anything but basic. The price of the food ranges from $5-$10.

The atmosphere is extremely relaxed. All different types of people eat there, especially on weekends. The place is not filled with teens, but the staff is friendly so teens are welcome. When you walk in, you order and pay at the counter; this Sizzler-like system allows you to leave whenever you want.

But the best part about Solar de Cahuenga is the way it looks—there are curtains hanging from doorways, paintings and photography for sale covering the walls, a long table for about 10 people and a sitting area with a couch. There’s even an outdoor patio in front of the restaurant, and a sitting area in the back with vines and flowers draped over the wall.

Solar de Cahuenga believes that “Good dieting and forethought are essential.” They say that good choices in the way of food are “the path to Solar de Cahuenga enlightenment.” With a slogan like that and the unique and amazing food, you can’t go wrong.

Telephone: (323) 467-7510
Price: $5-$10
Address: 1847 Cahuenga Blvd. (at Franklin Avenue)
Hollywood, CA 90028