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A wallet made of duct tape

This duct tape wallet can hold money and credit cards. When we decided it would be fun to show L.A. Youth readers how to make a duct tape wallet, I volunteered. I did not expect it to be hard, but I had never used duct tape before. Duct tape is incredibly sticky, and the directions for making a wallet out of it, as provided by 3M/Canada, require that the sticky sides be folded together. This turned out to be difficult.

I folded 20 strips of 11-centimeter duct tape. The tape stuck to my fingers, making it hard to fold it correctly. This process led to the creation of a duct tape mountain, now sitting in a landfill somewhere in Los Angeles County. Eventually, though, I succeeded in folding the six, non-sticky, pieces that I needed. I was infuriated by the time I finished the wallet an hour and a half later. The wallet lives on my bookshelf, destined to gather dust. It is practical, and rather ingenious to make a wallet out of duct tape, but I don't use wallets; I have pockets. If you love origami, you might have fun making a duct tape wallet; otherwise, prepare to be frustrated.
—Seth Shamban, 16, North Hollywood HS