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"I don’t really like Eminem anyway. I know he’s trying to express himself but I don’t listen to that type of music."
—Sara Vogler, 16, Walnut HS

"If I would listen to rap, it would be him or Dr. Dre."
—Shakib Nassiri, 14, Birmingham HS

"Personally, I hate Eminem. He’s a marketing item."
—Roland Trafton, 16, Notre Dame HS

"I don’t think Eminem is that controversial. He says he hates teenyboppers and he’s played on KIIS FM and he’s the song right after theirs. He says all these things because people will think it’s controversial."
—Fiona Goldstein, 15, Notre Dame HS

"I don’t listen to him that much."
—Ashley Gaines, 17, Washington HS

"He’s really good at expressing himself and not really caring what other people think. If he was a bad role model he wouldn’t be taking care of his daughter."
—Laquesha Frye, 17, Los Angeles HS

"He speaks his mind. You can’t just get mad at him for speaking his mind."
—Trina Thompson, 14, Los Angeles HS

"He’s got to be careful on what he says."
—Omar Torres, 16, Los Angeles HS

"He raps good. Sometimes he says bad words, but everybody has the right to express himself."
—Oscar Cisneros, 18, Locke HS

"I like him because he knows how to sing and to express himself. The only thing I don’t like is that he hates his mother."
—Daniel Duenas, 18, Locke HS

"I don’t think he’s psychotic even though the stuff he says is rather vulgar. He’s speaking on things that actually happened. He’s putting it out there but that’s why he gets respect."
—Katina Ballard, 17, Los Angeles HS