<< Adventures in baby-sitting

By Ashley Zartner, 15, Bell HS
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• Always join in on games with the kids.
• Follow the parents’ rules.
• Tell the kids funny stories, they love that.
• Have some form of entertainment ready for the kids like TV or movies.
• Get the phone number and address of where the parents are going. Also get emergency phone numbers just in case you can’t reach the parents.
• Get to know the parents and their children before baby-sitting for them.
• If you’re under 18, make sure your parent is OK with who you are baby-sitting.


• Ever leave the kids alone, even if it’s just for five minutes.
• Tell the kids scary stories, or they’ll never go to bed.
• Give the kids a large amount of caffeine or sugar.
• Ignore the kids.
• Let the kids near the stove, or anything hazardous.
• Leave the doors unlocked.
• Invite friends over.
• Talk on the phone.
• Mention you’re a baby sitter when you answer the phone.