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The deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history happened Monday when a 23-year-old student Cho Seung-Hui, from South Korea, shot and killed 32 people and wounded at least 15 others on the campus of Virginia Tech. The rampage ended when he killed himself.
    Interviews with associates in his program and a roommate have revealed that others thought he was "eccentric" and a "loner" who might be the one person capable of doing something like this. Apparently his plays and writings were very dark and macabre, dark enough that other students showed his work to administrators concerned that his plays could be a sign of emotional or psychological problems.
    The first two killings in a dorm took place shortly after 7 a.m., while the conclusion of the rampage occurred about two hours later in a classroom building. Reports indicate that people in as many as four classrooms or perhaps more were targeted. A note was found in his dorm/apartment blaming in part, rich kids and moral depravity for this.

I think it’s very tragic that someone wanted to hurt and kill 32 people. He just didn’t kill all of them but he hurt their families, too, because now they have to plan an unexpected funeral. And he also killed everyone of their dreams to became someone in life. It is very sad that the killer didn’t have enough pride to think about he what was planning to do.
—Patrice Pickett, 14, College Ready Academy High School

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