Taste of Chaos photo gallery

By Tanya Vazquez, 17, Downtown Magnets HS
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I was lucky enough to get to the Taste of Chaos concert, a festival tour organized by the drink Rockstar, at the Long Beach Convention Center just in time to see punk rock band Saosin play. They were amazing. Lead singer Cove Reber was jumping up and down like a fish and one of the guitarists used his guitar strap to swing his guitar around him in circles.

Before I got there, I expected Reber’s performance would be horrible compared to former lead singer Anthony Green. Green was so good because he always knew how to make the crowd go wild. But Reber sounded so much like Green, it was like Green never left.

During “Bury Your Head,” three mosh pits broke out. One guy moshing kind of looked like Gideon Garcia, a guitarist from the band Dunamis (who I’m friendly with), and when I zoomed in closer on my camera, I found out it was him.

During their 40-minute set, Saosin played all of my favorite songs “Bury Your Head,” “Translating the Name,” “Seven Years” and “3rd Measurement in C” and one new one which I didn’t know. Everyone sang along. The songs were exactly like they sound on the CD except ear-splittingly loud.

After the set, the band members signed autographs and my friend Daniel took pictures of most of the band members. What I thought was pretty cool was that the band members seemed to have fun while signing autographs and talking to their fans, who were skaters, rockers or goths. 

It was just sad that the rest of the bands were terrible and the rest of the concert was a let down.