<< In defense of my magnet

By Robyn Licht,
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"I think the [Highly Gifted] Magnet has well-rounded people."
—David Bengson, 17, Zoo Magnet student

"Any racial inequalities concerning admission to the [Highly Gifted] Magnet are a result of the IQ test, not the magnet itself."
—Richard Border, 16, Highly Gifted Magnet student

"The [Highly Gifted] Magnet is full of Jews and Asians."
—Doug McIntosh, 16, regular high school student

"Separation from the [Highly Gifted] Magnet from regular school is not good for the kids in the magnet because it elevates their status to where they could believe they are better than regular school kids."
—Aaron Cole, 17, regular high school student

"People who complain that their children aren’t getting a good enough education in a regular high school system should try and make a difference in the system and not target the HGM."
—Angela Woodside, 16, Highly Gifted Magnet student

"The magnet’s racial distribution ratio needs to be revised to more accurately reflect the population of LAUSD."
—Tessa Strain, 17, Highly Gifted Magnet Student

"I think the [Highly Gifted] Magnet is homogenous because of greater societal problems that we can’t be blamed for."
—Jonathan Frochtzwajg, 17, Highly Gifted Magnet Student