<< Mi familia méxicana / My Mexican family

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"I like our hip-hop culture, the fact that we can dance. A lot of black people are talented. I like the fact that all black people come in different shapes and sizes."
—Tracy Edge, 19

"I’m Jewish, so when I see Jewish athletes I guess I’m really proud. Like Shawn Green on the Dodgers, you know, they represent my religion and that’s what you got to do—represent your religion."
—Jordan Gary, 18, UCLA

"I’m proud that my mom is from England and I can go back and visit and have that perspective. I was raised with very European manners."
—Liz Weisman, 18, Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies

"Well, I’m really mixed, like half-Jamaican and half-Irish. I eat Irish food but I celebrate Jamaican holidays, too. I always sport a four-leaf clover and it means something to me. And on St. Patrick’s Day I go all out—green hats, everything."
—Terbrie Taylor, 19, UC Irvine

"My heritage is from Mexico. I’m not embarrassed of how they wear those big, colorful skirts. I’m proud that it’s kind of part of me. I see them walking around, you know, people that are wearing the traditional Mexican outfits and I’m happy to see them because they are part of me."
—Anna Martinez, 15, Los Angeles HS

"My background is Hispanic and I’m really proud when I see Hispanic artists coming up like J. Lo,
Thalia and Fat Joe, even though he’s from Puerto Rico."
—Angela Muñoz, 17, Grant HS