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What’s the most annoying question you get asked?

“‘Are you white?’ Yes, but I’m also Mexican. That really bothers me. People ask me that 10 times a day. They’re just looking at my color. I want people to be more open about race.”
Daniel Steiger, 16, Manual Arts HS
“‘Do you wear glasses just for style or do you need them?’ To me it’s obvious. If someone wears glasses, they need them.”
Jocelyne Espada, 17, Sylmar HS
“People ask if my brother and I are going out. My brother and I are twins. We’re always together so people who don’t know us think we’re boyfriend and girlfriend. It bothers me and makes me feel like ‘eww, he’s my brother.’”
Alejandra Gutierrez, 16, Sylmar HS
“The question I don’t like is they always ask me am I Jamaican. I wish they would ask, ‘How are you today?’”
Joshua Ivory, 12, Wilson MS (Glendale)
“The question I don’t like is when people ask me how old am I. I wish they would ask me what’s my name.”
David Isakhanyan, 13, Wilson MS (Glendale)
“I hate when people ask me, ‘are you emo?’ And I would rather have them ask, ‘what music do you like?’”
Haley Hyden-Soffer, 13, Wilson MS
“I don’t like it when people ask, ‘how long have you had your hair long?’ Why don’t they ask what’s my name?”
Analuisa Vivaldo, 13, Wilson MS
“Why are you so small? I want them to ask, “you wanna go out with me?’”
Jon Arnold, 13, Wilson MS