<< Tagging was my escape from problems at home

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"I don’t agree with [tagging]. They damage things in our neighborhoods. It’s immature. They should find a more positive way to express themselves."
—Eden Muwwakkil, 16, Warren HS (Downey)

"I think it’s a problem to a certain extent. If you’re in it for the art it’s totally fine. It’s beautiful."
—Ashley Rivera, 16, Warren HS

"I think it’s a form of expression. It does go against the law, but it’s the only art option some kids have."
—Juan Rodriguez, 17, Warren HS

"Some of my friends do it and they do it because they don’t live in good homes and they don’t think they’re parents pay attention to them. I think they do it for attention."
—Irene Falcon, 14, Warren HS

"I think it’s just a way that people, if they’re going through stuff, it’s a way that they show they’re there. Sometimes it’s a problem if it’s on a store and then they have to try to keep it clean. It makes the town look out of place, if it’s a nice town."
—Justin Martinez, 16, Warren HS

"I live in Crenshaw. When I see tagging, I think it’s art. I know it ain’t all that good to do because you can get locked up."
—Jennifer Flores, 16, The Linden Center