<< In defense of Michael Jackson

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"I hate the way he sings. I think he’s too girlish."
—Dalia Bucio, 15, Diamond Ranch HS (Pomona)

"I think he’s a great entertainer, but some of the things that he does kind of weird me out, like the whole thing with the baby and making his skin too white."
—Justine Esquivel, 14, Diamond Ranch HS

"I think he’s a great artist. But he has a problem with his identity. He could have just stayed who he was instead of covering up who he really is."
—Esmeralda Ramos, 17, San Fernando HS

"I think that when he first came out he was a great singer, but he went too far to change his looks. He isn’t a good role model, because he tried to change his appearance."
—Katie Contreras, 16, San Fernando HS

"I think he’s a talented singer. And he doesn’t care what other people think about him."
—Monique Dupreé, 14, Diamond Ranch HS

"I like his music, but he shouldn’t have changed his skin color and sometimes he acts too fem."
—Daniel Lam, 14, Diamond Ranch HS

"People hate on him too much. They don’t like him because they can’t be like him or have his money."
—Daniel Lopez, 16, San Fernando HS

"He’s been through a lot of controversy, but I like the guy. He has some good music. Thriller is great."
—Andy Perez, 17, San Fernando HS