<< I’m not down with downloading music

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“I never download music. I don’t feel it’s right. The artists are working so hard to make their music so you should help them out. The way they make money is by you buying their CD. It’s expensive but it’s worth it.”
Javier Hinojosa, 17, Gardena HS
“I don’t think it’s wrong at all because I think music is for the love of music, not to make the record companies money.”
Sabrina Gaytan, 17, Wilson HS
“I feel that the artists make enough money as it is so why should we pay for their work. They make a lot more money off their tours or concerts. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal. For the bands I love I don’t get their music online. I go buy a hard copy.”
Cristian Salas, 16, Equal Partnership HS (Long Beach)
“I think it’s OK because a person has to know whether they like the song or not before they go and buy it. If I like the song I will go and pay for it.”
Andrea Nettles, 17, Gardena HS
“My style of music varies. I can’t afford to buy every new song that comes out every week so I download. I’ll buy the ones I really like.”
Anne Phan, 16, Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies
“I don’t really see an issue with it because I think the prices are a little ridiculous. I don’t think iTunes should have raised their prices from 99 cents [a song] to $1.29.”
Camille Didelot, 14, Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies