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1) What Hollywood star stands 50 feet tall, stretches 450 feet across, weighs 450,000 pounds and has a career still going strong after 76 years?

2) Which major action movie in 1984 was filmed in part at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles?

3) Do any theaters still play silent movies?

4) Where and when were the Academy Awards first shown on television?

5) What fruit has an entire California museum devoted to it?

6) What famous work of art in Los Angeles is made of steel, wire, seashells, broken dishes and broken 7-Up bottles?

7) Which library contains three chandeliers and a miniature marble sphinx?

8) How much does it cost to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

9) Who was Olvera Street named after?

10) What building was made in 1936 to look just like an ocean liner, and has rounded corners, porthole windows, ship doors, and a deck bridge on top?

11) What Hollywood theater used to have an actor dressed like an Egyptian guard with a rifle, who would march back and forth on the roof calling out the start of each performance?

12) What L.A. community hosted its sixth annual Tofu Festival this past summer?

Quiz answers

1. The Hollywood Sign (

2. Terminator. (Curbside L.A., Los Angeles Times Syndicate, Los Angeles.)

3. The Silent Movie Theatre at 611 N. Fairfax Ave. is the only theater in the U.S. that still shows silent movies, such as Charlie Chaplin films.

4. The Pantages Theater in Hollywood housed the Academy Awards from 1949-1959. The first television broadcast of the Awards was in 1953. (

5. The Banana Museum in Altadena Calif. includes a banana with a sequined image of Michael Jackson, banana puppets, purses, posters and a banana umbrella. (Curbside LA, Los Angeles Times Syndicate, Los Angeles.)

6. The Watts Towers at 165 E. 107th St. were built by Simon Rodia from 1921-1955. (

7. Central Library, a downtown library built in 1926 that has survived two fires, now has a TeenScape area with a reading room and computer lab just for teens. (

8. The person honored on the star pays around $15,000 and must be selected by a special committee.

9. Agustin Olvera, the first county judge of Los Angeles, lived at the end of Olvera Street, which was named in 1877. (

10. The Coca-Cola Bottling Plant on 1334 South Central Avenue in Los Angeles. (LA Bizarro, St. Martin’s Press, New York.)

11. The Egyptian Theatre, which is also the oldest theater in Hollywood. It was built in 1922, the same year King Tut’s tomb was discovered in Egypt. (

12. Little Tokyo. (