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“Joining ROTC in college and enlisting in the military for four years. And after that being a firefighter.”
Salvador Ixta, 17, Gardena HS
“I plan on going to a four-year university because my father didn’t have the chance to further his education beyond high school. He taught me the importance of attending college and earning a degree so that I can have a career that I truly enjoy and live a stable life.”
Marissa Doi, 17, Gladstone HS (Covina)
“It’s either going to college or joining the military because my family’s a military family. College, I want to move on further than my parents did in their education. Military, because the nation needs more people to serve.”
Joel Rocio, 17, Gardena HS
“I am planning to attend UC Irvine. Along with being a student, I am hoping to have a job so I can provide for myself. I’m also going to try to balance my school and work with an active social life.”
Mariam Khachatryan, 18, Glendale HS
“My plans after highschool is to go to UCSD and get my bachelor’s degree in economics.”
Annie Dang, 18, Marshall HS
I’m applying to a four year college that specializes in computer engineering or computer programmming.”
David Montes
, 17, Marshall HS