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The story that received the most letters to the editor (by far) was Nattalie Tehrani’s story about her great relationship with her mom. We were so moved by your thoughts about your moms (and dads in a few cases) that we wanted to showcase some of these letters on a special page.

The article “My mom is amazing” really touched me because my mom and I are not really close.
    This article inspired me to go try and fix things with my mom. I always wanted to have that mother-daughter relationship. We’ve never had it because I felt she was always pushing me away. But I guess I was really pushing her away.
—Domanesha Bernoudy, Paramount HS

The article “My mom is amazing” really caught my attention because this author admits something that most teenagers wouldn’t be brave enough to. The author sees her mom as a friend and treats her like one of her own kind.
I would be embarrassed to be seen with my parents because I have no idea what they would do to embarrass me. I’m glad to have parents and I appreciate what they do for me, but I really don’t see them as one of my own kind. I can’t seem to treat them like friends because I have to respect them. My parents may not be my heroes, but they’re always there for me.
—Gina Lee, Wilson MS

I really enjoyed the story called “My mom is amazing” by Nattalie Tehrani. Her mother inspired her to be the best person she can be and she encouraged her to pursue writing. She shows her mom how responsible she is by not drinking or doing drugs at parties. I felt like I could relate to Nattalie and her story because as I mature, I can start to figure out my relationship with my mom. This article made me realize that my mom’s trust is so much more important than going to a party and drinking or doing drugs. I have already realized that my mom is my hero, but this article encouraged me to tell her, and that made both of us feel really great.
—Jenna Goren, S.O.C.E.S.

I really enjoyed reading the article by Nattalie Tehrani called “My mom is amazing.” I could connect with this article because my mom and I are really close. By saying “CLOSE” I mean I can tell her anything. We do argue sometimes, but we just get closer and closer each day. When I read the article it made me think about all the good times I have with my mom, like how much laughter we have. Just like in the article, I would like to say, “My MOM is my HERO!” “I LOVE YOU MOM!”
—Julie Angulo, Hutchinson MS

This article is interesting because I think it is very important that young people have good communication with their parents. It is also important because when you have a problem or you feel confused about what you need to do to resolve a problem, you can talk with your mom or dad and together find a solution. It is important that you can confide in someone in your family, but it is most important to confide in your mom and dad because they are the best people who can understand and help you. Confide in your parents.
—Maria Aguirre, Cabrillo HS

The article “My mom is amazing” was really interesting. The girl inspired me to listen more to my mom and care more about things. Also, the way her mom treats her is one of the best ways a mother can treat her daughter.
    This article really inspired me because I like the fact that the girl listens to her mom. Due to this article I am going to change my ways with my mom and really listen to her.
—Fernando Calderon, Paramount HS

I really enjoyed reading this article because it reminds me of me and my mom. We have an open relationship. My mom and I are really close. Whenever I go somewhere or do something I tell her.
    I can depend on my mom. She helps me a lot and she’s always there for me when I need her. I really love my mom for who she is. She inspires me and she’s my hero as well. I will always be there for my mom.
—Becky Chavez, Paramount HS

“My mom is amazing” has inspired me to give my auntie more respect even though we may get in little fights sometimes. I really love my auntie because if it weren’t for her I would still be in a foster home. Also, I have fun and my friends have fun, just like Nattalie and her friends have fun with her mom.
    In conclusion, I will start to be more respectful to my aunt than I am right now because my auntie has done so much for me. I will start to do better in school and do better at home and do what she asks me to do.
—Randy Haliburton, Paramount HS

This article reminds me of my mom. What the mom says is exactly what my mother would say. Sometimes I would give up and she would say, “Don’t give up, just keep your head up.” And she is like my friend, too. She told me I don’t have to hide anything from her, that I can come and tell her just like if she was a friend. Thanks for writing this article.
—Jerry Ford, Paramount HS

My favorite story in this issue was the one about a girl and her mother. This story made me realize how much my mom does for me every day, keeping in mind that she has a life of her own. This story really touched me because of the last sentence. She said that her mom is a hero to her. I can really relate to this story because my mother spends most of her time taking my brother and me to soccer practice, school and places with our friends. She doesn’t have to do all that. She could go shopping for herself and just leave us at home with nothing to do. She chooses not to. Looking back at her accomplishments, she really has made many sacrifices for my family. I should take more time to thank my mom instead of disrespect her. Without her nagging me about getting off the phone or computer, I would just waste my time and be a failure. I’m fortunate to have a person like my mom in my life.
—Chrystelle Simonian, Wilson MS

When I read this story, I really related to it. Just like Nattalie, I am very close to my mom. My mom and I always talk to each other about things that no girl would talk to their parents about. My mom understands me and she has helped me through my life, starting with me falling down and getting a bruise to helping me understand what is right and wrong in life. My friends, my mom and I always hang out together. My friends always say, “Wow, your mom is so cool. She is like my close friend. You’re so lucky.” Every time my friends say that, I feel more and more lucky. I am fortunate to have a mom that is a mom and a friend, just like Nattalie and her mom.
—Fiuneh Aleksandr, Wilson MS

I think it’s great that Nattalie and her mom have great times together. My mom and I can relate to the article because I was going to a party (but not where there’s drinking, I’m just 12 years old) and some of my friends said we would walk to the park and hang out with some of their friends there. It was night and I told my mom about it and she said, “No, don’t go, there might be people who can hurt you. You never know what’s going to happen.” So of course I listened to her and didn’t go. Instead I went home. My mom was right. Everybody has times when you argue with your mom but you have to forgive your mom. I mean they’re just trying to do their best for their child. You can never get mad at your mom and not talk to them, you should always forgive them. Moms are the best. They would always be there for you even if you don’t need them. I hope when I grow up I can be like my mom. She’s my hero.
—Astine Shagbabyan, Wilson MS