Morningside HS teens in love photo gallery

By Hugo Rios, 17, Morningside HS
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Eleventh graders Frica Medina and Jesse Lara share a playful moment.
Photo by Monica Lizardo, 17, Morningside HS

With one flip of her silky black hair, she had every guy in the room melting in their seats. As she twisted her hair playfully in her hand, they continued to gaze. Does this scene sound familiar? It must be a high school classroom—the place for sweaty palms, nervous stomachs, and both cheerful and broken hearts.

High school is a time when you experience many new things. It’s the time when many teens have their first relationships, despite their parents’ warnings. It may be with your cute biology partner or your next-door neighbor. Chances are that you’re going to begin to feel peer pressure to find a date for homecoming or simply a Friday night. But you should never be forced into anything you’re not ready for, especially relationships. Because matters of the heart can be as delicate as a rose petal.

Finding that special someone can be a great experience. You have a person to share your thoughts and feelings with. You can take a stroll through school holding hands, or isolate yourselves from everyone, wrap your arms around one another and talk. You can even sneak in a playful little nose pick.