By Eugenia Usmanova, El Camino Real HS
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Eugenia Usmanova interviewed classmates at El Camino Real High School to find out about some little-known great musicians.

"Randy Rhoads, a guitar player for Ozzy Osbourne, blows Frank Zappa out of the water! Also, Joe Satriani. He’s the greatest guitar player who has the most technical and creative progression and solos."
—Stephen Stahl, 15

"I like Guilt by Association. They’re a really talented band and not too many people know about them."
—Harrison Levi, 15

"SPF 15—It’s one of those garage bands, but unfortunately they broke up a little while ago."
—Alex Rosenberg, 15

"Frank Zappa is a musical genius and has the most knowledge of music theory."
—Mike Stone, 15

"The band Downset. It’s a really good rap and metal band that has been around as long as Limpbizkit. But no one has really heard of them."
—Will Swann, 16

"I like Incubus. They are good, and I like their music."
—Diego Valdivies, 15

"Short Changed—their songs are really catchy and easy to listen to."
—Jamie Ybarra, 17

"Punk bands like AFI and Time for Plan B. Also Fugazi—the legendary punk band and Bad Brains and Living Color."
—Gabrielle Miller, 16