By Libby Hartigan,
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"Next year, America will elect a new president. As we prepare to write articles about the campaigns, we would like to hear your thoughts on politics. Please fill out our survey on political issues. One respondent will be chosen to receive $25 and a free copy of Tell It Like It Is, the new LA Youth anthology. The deadline is December 15, 1999. To enter the drawing, fill out this survey and mail it to: LA Youth Political Poll 5967 W. Third St. Suite 301 Los Angeles CA 90036

1. When it comes to politics, I feel o A. bored. o B. interested. o C. I only learn about it because I need it at school. o D. I’m looking forward to being able to vote.

2. The governor of California is (write in) _________________________________________

3. The mayor of Los Angeles is (write in) _________________________________________

4. If I could vote, I would choose (write in) __________________________________ for President.

5. As far as the presidential election next year (Check all that apply) o A. I’d like to know more about the candidates. o B. I’m looking forward to the Republican and Democratic conventions next summer. o C. None of the candidates seem appealing to me. o D. I don’t care about politics. o E. Since I can’t vote, why should I pay attention?

6. If a woman were candidate for president o A. I’d vote for her to see a woman in charge. o B. I’d vote for her if she was the best candidate regardless of her gender. o C. No, I wouldn’t vote for a female candidate.

7. The student government at my school (Check all that apply) o A. is a popularity contest o B. is just a bunch of kids who want to put something on their college applications o C. actually does something worthwhile o D. what student government?

8. Teens should need their parent’s consent (Check all that apply) o A. to buy birth control o B. to get sex education at school o C. to get an abortion o D. to see an R-rated movie

9. The government should make more money available for college financial aid. o A. agree o B. disagree o C. Not sure

10. War is a more effective solution than peaceful negotiation. o A. agree o B. disagree o C. Not sure

11. The court system should be able to (Check all that apply) o A. give teen criminals the death penalty o B. try teenagers as adults in court o C. count gang participation as a "strike" under the three strikes law

12. My opinion on gun control is (Check all that apply) o A. when I’m 18, I should have the right to buy a weapon o B. it’s too easy to get guns o C. the only people who should have guns are the cops o D. Powerful groups like the National Rifle Association (NRA) keep the government from having any real gun control

13. I believe the government is hiding information about (Check all that apply) o A. UFO visitations o B. assassinations (like John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.) o C. a cure for AIDS o D. U.S. involvement in genocide overseas

14. The government lies about (Check all that apply) o A. its commitment to peace o B. its military activities o C. the economy getting better when it’s not o D. the American Dream being within your reach

15. Community service should be a high school graduation requirement. o A. agree o B. disagree o C. Not sure

16. High school teachers should have a university degree in the subjects they teach. o A. agree o B. disagree o C. Not sure

17. I agree with the following statements about homosexuality: (check all that apply) o A. Gay and lesbian high school students deserve the same protection from harassment as other minority groups. o B. Elementary school students should be taught tolerance of homosexuality o C. Gay and lesbian couples should be allowed to legally marry o D. Gay and lesbian couples should be allowed to adopt children o E. I disapprove of gay and lesbian people o F. If gays and lesbians get harrassed, it’s their own fault

18. Sex education and access to birth control encourage teens to have sex. o A. agree o B. disagree o C. Not sure

19. Name _____________________________________
20. Age ____ 21. Home address ______________________________
22. Home City ________________________________
23. Home Zip Code ____________________________
24. School ___________________________________

Deadline: December 15, 1999"