By Maya L. Rosas, 13, Crossroads Middle School
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Peter Parker, just another teenage nerd in New York—who would expect him to become a superhero? Well, hundreds of people did when they lined up to see Spider-Man. Superheroes don’t necessarily make a movie good, but the romance, action and great costumes are pretty cool.

Bitten by a mutant spider and endowed with strange new powers, Peter has more problems than ever. Though he doesn’t even know how to work his web, he has to save the lives of everyone he loves. One of the funniest scenes is when he’s on top of a roof and he’s trying to figure out how to shoot the white goopy spider web string out of his wrist. On top of that, our hero is still too shy to ask his crush out and he has problems with his best friend.

There were some things I didn’t like, such as the soap-opera romance between Spidey and the girl he likes. All the love scenes seemed fake and why didn’t she just pull the mask off him all the way when they kissed to see who he was? The comic strip story from decades ago should have been updated to include a lady heroine, not just a damsel in distress who screams in a high-pitched voice that can give you a headache.

I wish they hadn’t cut the scene where a helicopter gets stuck in Spider-Man’s webs between the Twin Towers. That’s how the movie was supposed to be, regardless of the events of September 11th.

Why was almost everybody in the movie white? The only African-American and Asians are two teachers shown in the beginning. The only Latinos are rapists and a mean boss. Spider-Man should be able to save the lives of other races too, not just white people.

Most of the time, the special effects were good but sometimes they lacked creativity, like when the Green Goblin was throwing knives at Spider-Man. Spidey did some fake Matrix moves. Couldn’t Spider-Man have his own moves?

Despite these things, Spider-Man was fun and entertaining. It can make you laugh and I saw some people who cried a little. Go to the movies with an open mind and don’t think about it intellectually—it’s very enjoyable. The romance is sometimes great and makes you smile but sometimes it’s sadistic and upsetting. I definitely recommend going to see it—just don’t go in a serious mood.