By Daniel Choi, 15, Cerritos HS
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Some of my friends think the new “We Are the World” sounds great, but others think the new version, which has a rap part, a new guitar part and Auto-Tune, ruined the old one.

The original “We are the World,” which featured Michael Jackson and other big singers from the 80s, was released 25 years ago to raise money to help fight hunger in Africa. The remake with popular new artists, including Jamie Foxx, The Black Eyed Peas, Adam Levine from Maroon 5 and Lil Wayne, raised money for the earthquake that struck Haiti recently.

I didn’t care about my friends’ different opinions, I think the new version sounds great. The addition of a rap toward the end of the song gave artists a different way of expressing their feelings. Will.I.Am raps about how everyone can help places that suffered like Haiti, New Orleans (with Hurricane Katrina), Africa and Indonesia, which was hit by the tsunami.

I’m torn on the auto tune. T-Pain sounds good, but part of me feels like it doesn’t necessarily fit with the song. It’s less emotional than when someone sings.

The new version includes clips of Michael Jackson singing in the original version. This was good because it helps us remember the first version.

The most important thing about the song is not the comparison between the new one and the old one, but how many different artists cared enough to try to help Haiti. As I saw the images on of the damage on television, I felt sad for everyone and I wanted to help but didn’t know how. This new “We are the World” is a great way to show how everyone can help the world be a better place.