By Nick Gonzalez, 16, Central HS
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Nick Gonzalez doesn't care what you think of the music he likes.

I don’t know how "emo" music started. Maybe a few teens had problems in their lives and became depressed. Then a rock band decided to make music for the emotional kids. Most parents might’ve asked their emo kids, "Why do you like that music?" My mom asked me that a while back and I said, "It’s just what I listen to," there isn’t any real reason. It’s not because I’m depressed; I listen to it all the time, no matter what my mood.

Emo kids laugh and have fun, too. I laugh when I’m with my friends because they do the stupidest things. One time they acted like they were asleep on the sidewalk. It was funny to see how people looked at them. We also go to band shows. Recently I saw Emery in Anaheim at Chain Reaction. It was fun, really hot, but fun. There were three other bands, but once Emery started singing, everyone was jumping, pushing, and there was a pit.

Occasionally I have bad days, doesn’t everyone? When I have a bad day I just stay in my room. That doesn’t mean I’m suicidal. It’s true that some emo music is about crying and suicidal thoughts. A band that I like, UnderOath, has a line about cutting wrists in one of their songs. But no matter how bad it gets in life, I would never kill myself because I’ll always have someone to talk to, someone I trust. With me, it’s usually my friends because they’ll keep a secret for you. I’m not saying I don’t trust my parents, I just feel more comfortable talking about what’s on my mind with friends.

I like being an emo kid because I love the music. I like the way the bands sing or you might say they scream, which is why some people call it "screamo." You can relate to what they’re singing about like losing a girlfriend, having troubles at home or getting back at someone. Some of the artists I like are Emery, UnderOath, Aiden, Greeley Estates, Emanuel and Halifax. When I first got into the style a few years ago, I wondered if I was the only one. Everyone else seemed to be listening to hip hop. That was during the summer but once school started I found out that one of my friends listened to emo, too.

It was weird, people would know we were emo and I didn’t know how until one of my friends told me it was the hair and clothes. We had our hair going to one side and the back would be a little messy. Some kids would say "What a dumb style," "Cut your hair," "You look gay" or things like that, but I never really paid any attention to them.

I ignored the haters

Everyone makes fun of the way emo kids dress: "Tight pants and T-shirt, and a small sweater that doesn’t fit well." That’s the way I dress, and I don’t think it’s that bad. Some kids might not look like they’re emo, but they like the music. Maybe it’s not about the clothes.

People love to go around saying emo sucks. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with emo music, and I’m not saying that because I listen to it. I’m saying that because it’s dumb to say anything bad about it especially if you don’t listen to it. Emo kids don’t speak badly about any other type of music. Well, at least my friends and I don’t. Why should we? There’s no reason to.

There’s nothing I can do to change what people think about this style. But hopefully people will get to know emo kids and see that we’re not always depressed or crazy or anything and that we’re easy to get along with.