<< Is there justice for juveniles?

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"[Prison] would suck because your life is ruined. That’s too cruel (to send teens to adult prison). It’s taking away their childhood, so they’ll never grow up with no family to guide them except other criminals."
—Myro Burgos, 16, Daniel Murphy HS

"I think life behind bars is horrible. No, I don’t think a child at 14 should go to prison. I wouldn’t want to go to prison at 14. At the age of 14, you’re not able to protect yourself. Even 20-year-olds aren’t capable of doing that, and 14 is way too young."
—Jae Cho, 14, Marlborough School

"I think it’s sad. You don’t get to see your family members. Not having my freedom scares me. But if they do the crime, they should pay. If they are mentally ill they should get special treatment, but if not they should go to adult prison."
—Beatrice Alvarez, 15, Notre Dame HS