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Photo by Allegra Calderon, 17, Marshall HS (Los Angeles).
We live in sunny Southern California, which is famous for its beaches but really how often do we explore them? Take the time to visit some tide pools, which are like small aquariums, in which sea cucumbers, sea urchins, starfish, crabs, octopi, mussels, fish and sea anemones live. Recently three other writers from L.A. Youth and I went to see what we were missing at Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro. When we got there we walked to the tide pools with a group from the Cabrillo Aquarium. As we walked on the rocks, it was slippery because of the algae, but that didn't stop us. Make sure you wear shoes with good treads so you don't slip. Before long, we spotted starfish, crabs, sea hares and sea urchins. I tried to see a crab that was hiding in between rocks, and then I heard a lot of excitement coming from a crowd of people. I walked over to see that someone was holding a tiny hermit crab in her hand.