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"Congratulations to L.A. Youth newspaper: 20 years of helping young people become better writers, thinkers, readers and citizens!" —CNN’s Larry King

"I congratulate and wholeheartedly applaud L.A. Youth newspaper for 20 years of motivating teenagers to become journalists.
    I was fortunate indeed, to have had that opportunity in high school and it set my course for life. It is vitally important for our young people to become active in our country’s civic dialogue, giving their voices to those issues that affect their environment and their lives. The future of America depends on it. And, I might add, it also bodes well for the future of journalism." —Walter Cronkite

"From an old bugger who is computer illiterate (nearly), I congratulate L.A. Youth for trying to make certain that objectivity, responsibility and devotion to factual reporting (not Lou Dobbsonian or Rush Limbaughdian) is their ultimate goal and what they must continue to honor." —Mike Wallace, CBS News Correspondent Emeritus

"Don’t ever grow up! Even when you are twice as old as you are now. There is no other young voice as interesting as yours!"  —Bill Moyers, PBS journalist

"Studies have shown that more and more young people do not read, watch or even think about the news. L.A. Youth is a living, breathing, exciting contradiction to that troubling trend. L.A. Youth engages Los Angeles teenagers in the process of journalism. Young voices like those on the pages of L.A. Youth give hope to all of us who care deeply about the future of this field." —Elizabeth Mehren, professor of journalism, Boston University

"I am heartened to see young people speaking out with their creativity, wisdom, passion and energy.
    Over the past 20 years, L.A. Youth has provided so many young people an opportunity to express themselves, from issues about their neighborhoods, schools and families, to those of human rights, war, the environment and so many others. Thank you to the staff and young journalists of L.A. Youth, for sharing your experiences, raising your voices and joining with others who are taking this world to a better place." —Mary Beth Tinker, who, as a teen, helped win protections for student free speech rights

"A salute to the journalists and leaders of L.A. Youth. For 20 years you have brought the voices of L.A.’s most dynamic young writers, photographers and artists to both journalism and the public. It’s important work, and well-done, with great creative energy. So congratulations! And here’s to your next 20." —Sue Cross, Vice President/Online, The Associated Press