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Hey punk, your article stunk!

Illustration by Berley Kerr, 16, Cathedral HS

This article was so lame it is unbelievable. It was funny how she liked Home Grown but said Blink 182 was not a punk band. Home Grown and Blink are like the same types of bands. And then she says that everyone at punk shows is nice and helpful. Yeah right. When you’re in the mosh pit hitting people and knocking people down, is that supposed to be the nice part? And people don’t pick you up after they knock you down. They just kind of stomp you. But not all the show is people getting beat up.
 I think this chick that wrote the article can’t hang with real punk. But let her do her thing. That’s cool. It should all be about being yourself. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. I have learned that. If you like a band and your friends think they’re gay who cares. Keep bumping it. Be yourself. That’s the only way to get through life.
—J.D. White, North HS (Torrance)

The Hey Punk article was good

This article draws light to the non-conventional aspects of life. It’s rare when a subculture is emphasized in a teenage type of editorial.
I agree that the punk rock scene is generally good vibes. You can basically be who you want and everyone will accept you. Speaking for a majority of the scene, all stereotypes and preconceptions are put to rest in one atmosphere.
There still is hostility and animosity involved in the scene which is one drawback. There are racist groups of punks that go to punk shows with intentions of only creating problems. This aspect of the scene isn’t too favorable.
Overall, punk music along with the scene is a nice wholesome place to seek refuge.
—Nicole Lockwood, North HS

Seriously, I really can’t stand trendy

I read this article in the L.A. Youth magazine about stereotypes and punk rock music. This article was written by this girl named Christy Buena, talking about her likes/dislikes of punks and punk music. She also talks about her brother with a different colored mohawk and how he gets made fun of, but he doesn’t care.
This article really makes me laugh because most of the bands she named aren’t even punk. I’m sorry but Blink 182 is nowhere near punk rock. If I let my friend Cody read this article he’d burn the magazine and then try to ban it for retarded writers. Just because you listen to trendy "pop punk" doesn’t mean you’re a hardcore punk. Unless you know the real deal with Sid Vicious, my little nine-year-old sister is still more punk than you!!!
—Tony Lee, North HS

This is not a real article

These people are not even close to punk rock. Real punk rock people don’t care about writing articles. Plus the side caption about him getting beat up—if he was punk enough he wouldn’t have just stood there and taken abuse from gangbangers. He would have gotten up and kicked the s—- out of the gangster wannabes. I can’t believe this article. Plus this article says that Blink 182 is punk. What a joke. They are sold out. Only losers listen to the sold-out punk.
—Charles Zimmer, North HS

That chick Christy is pretty rad

Hey, that chick Christy that wrote about the punk scene and had that interview with Home Grown is totally rad. She knew what she was saying and didn’t have any dumb questions for the interview. Before she posted on the website about her interview, I never heard of L.A. Youth and all … but now it seems like a pretty rad site. Seriously. I think I’m gonna visit more often and I hope you guys keep on keeping it real with stuff like Christy’s article … By the way, I don’t even know her, so yeah, I’m not trying to kiss anyone’s butt … just praising the recognition of one of my favorite bands: Home Grown.

This girl writes like she is an expert on punk rock.

She goes to Vans Warp Tour and starts liking punk. First of all that tour has one or two punk bands and the rest are all alternative.
Punk is just a label that is given to the un-ordinary, the outcasts, the misfits. Today punk is now a trend. Everyone wants to be a punker, either the clean-cut or a gutter punk. I hate how these people try to be and look like punks when deep down they are nothing but cornballs and wannabes.
It is not the way you look or what people think. It is about expressing how you feel about the music you listen to and who you are. To me everyone who tries to be a punk is a poser. In reality no one is a punk no matter how hard they try.
—Sean Sylvia, North HS