By Ray Tenorio, 18
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Ray is saving for a car, so he needs that job.

Getting a job isn’t that hard—sticking with it is the hard part. First you’ve got to fill out applications left and right. Go everywhere: the grocery store, Wal-Mart, KFC, whatever; just go out and fill out those applications. Talk to your friends and relatives, maybe they know someone who’s hiring.

Filling out applications

Filling out an application is tricky. If this will be your first job then put down a lot of extracurricular activities if you have any. Also include your skills: computer skills, being bilingual, people skills, etc. If this is your second or third job, don’t put down a job that you got fired from for sleeping or goofing around, that sort of thing.

At my first job, I worked for a bowling alley as a parking lot attendant and later as a late-night janitor. One night, after I had to lug around this 300-pound machine that they use to clean the lanes, I fell asleep in the bar. The boss knew and gave me the boot.

Getting interviews

If you get called in for an interview you are one step closer. When you’re getting interviewed, stand up straight, speak with confidence and don’t use any slang. Don’t act childish; act like you have been interviewed a million times before.

For my second job, I didn’t have an interview. My friend hired me to work for his punk rock clothing store. I boxed stuff, put the merchandise out and helped customers. It was all right.

Last fall I applied for a position at the Bell skate park, cooking pizzas and nachos for the skaters. They called me back three or four months later to see if I was still interested. I was like, dude, it’s been months! But apparently they had a flood and they had to postpone hiring until they could repair the damage. I had my interview and I’m waiting to see if they hire me.

If they hire you

If they call saying you got the job, say you’ll start at any time and any day unless you’re going to school. Stick with the job for as long as you can stand it and don’t ask for any days off for the first two to four weeks unless it’s very important. After that, go for it.