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Tussanne Reedboon, 16, John Marshall HS

1. Describe your style.
I personally think my style is pretty normal, because I wear typical things like a shirt and pants. But I guess because I get my clothes from different places that no one else goes to, it makes my style different. My mom also makes most of my clothes.

2. What influences you?
Not much influences my style, but if I had to say something influenced my style, I guess I'd say that my mom influences my style, because she makes most of my clothes and also helps me pick them out when we shop. I also shop at a lot of the same stores that my mom does. I'd also say that my peers influence my style a bit, just like every other teen, although in reality nothing really influences it, not even myself.

3. What is your fave place to shop?
My favorite places to shop at are Chinatown, the Goodwill, Wal-Mart, and Target.

4. What do other people say about the way you dress?
People normally think my clothes are "OK." Sometimes people say they're "cute" or "cool." Some people like my clothes and some people notice them for the wrong reasons. Like a baby shirt I have that some people think is cute and others think it's scary. Quite a few people like my clothes that I share with my mom, like this sweater she bought in Chinatown with pretty flowers on it. Some people like my clothes, because they are bright colors like green or yellow, because I don't really wear dark colors, I mean like I don't even own one black shirt.

Photo and interview by Allegra Calderon, 15, Marshall HS.