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Mabel Lam, 18, UC Santa Cruz

1. Describe your style.
Marc Jacobs meets Louis Vuitton at the Crossroads.

2. What influences you?
My heterosexual life partner, Colin. He's rather hip and into haute couture.

3. What is your favorite place to shop?
I usually rummage through my mom's closet and touch up her stuff if I feel like it's too... how you say... Beta-Max. Other than that, I frequent random vintage stores whenever I'm not spending money on food.

4. What do people say about the way you dress?
My mom tells me I should be rejected by the U.S. Fashion Police. My friends think I'm skyrocketing to fame.
Photo by Socheata Sun, 18, UC Santa Cruz and interview by Katherine Lam, 15, Ramona Convent.