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Music blog: Playlists of summer

Devin wants to know why people won't write songs for her.

There are some days, maybe those days after I’ve watched Shopgirl for the 23rd time when I’m just in a romantic mood. I browse through my iTunes and I’m amazed at how many beautiful songs are written for a specific person. I browse many songs that leave me wondering where is the person to write me a song! Why wasn’t I that person’s muse? What am I missing? So after plenty of questioning, what better to do than make a mix of those obnoxiously adorable, heart-warming songs?

Here’s my mix, Why Weren’t These Written About ME!?

Track 1: "Strawberry," Paul Baribeau
Lately this has been the number one song to make me ask that question! Paul Baribeau compares his “her” to something greater than just cute or pretty because making those comparisons is just like saying that a strawberry is sweet, when really it is so much more. AWHHHHHH.

Track 2: "Beautiful Rainbow," The Elected
Blake Sennett is known as part of Rilo Kiley, but who knew that he could stand out as a vocalist and produce such a beautiful song? I want to be his rainbow; I want him to sing about my smile and ambition. Oh how I envy “her.”

Track 3: "I’m the Man Who Loves You," Wilco
Jeff Tweedy just wants to hold her hand so she’ll understand he’s the man that loves her! This song is hella cute plus the guitar in it isn’t so shabby either!

Track 4: "Mandy," Bedroom Walls
This is one of the many songs about a “Mandy” that makes me want to change my name from Devin. No one ever writes songs about Devins.

Track 5: "Oh Mandy," The Spinto Band
“Mandy” song number two! This song is just cute. He wants to find her dreamy heart and there’s something about a gnome in a backyard. I love gnomes and cute indie songs like this.

Track 6: "I’m Waking Up to Us," Belle & Sebastian
So I have a slight crush on B&S’s Scottish cutie Stuart Murdoch, I mean that accent and that red hair. Swoon. Although this song is kind of a heartbreaker, the things he sings about this girl are beautiful. She was the one love of his life. Hello Stuart, I’m over here!

Track 7: "Thirteen," Ben Kweller
Beautiful! Bello! Bonito! Hermoso! This song is perfect! Lizzy (BK’s wife) is one lucky lady. This song is a biography of their somewhat tumultuous relationship and how in the end they have a love that could never be faked. “We built this world of our own. It was in the back of a taxi that you told me you loved me, and that I wasn’t alone.”

Track 8: "Lizzy," Ben Kweller
I said she was lucky! His ode to Lizzy in which he pleads that he is “So proud to know you” and that they’re “Keeping love alive even on Texas time” when they’re apart. Oh BK.

Track 9: "First Day of My Life," Bright Eyes
Hidden beneath all the songs of pain, regret and drugs, is one of Conor Oberst’s few love songs. “First Day of My Life” is amazing. His voice cracks as he sings about how beautiful she is and how he would go anywhere as long as it was with her. He needs her. Sweet little Conor.

Track 10: "Easy Girl," Coconut Records
I am in love with Jason Schwartzman so hearing this song about a girl who he wants to grow old with, that girl who is easy to love, to kiss, and miss when she’s gone, leaves me feeling like a green-eyed monster.

Track 11: "Something About Us," Daft Punk
Yes, even Daft Punk is capable of a “love song.” Hearing the cute phrases “I need you more than anything in my life/ I want you more than anything in my life” backed by a signature Daft Punk dance beat, makes this song great!

Track 12:" The Most Beautiful Girl (in the Room)," Flight of the Conchords
As FOTC describes this song, it’s one of their “slow-jams!” This song is witty, sweet, and hilarious. I wish Bret and Jemaine would tell me I’m so beautiful that I could be a waitress, an airhostess in the 60s, or even a part-time model!

Track 13: "Hello, I Love You," Ima Robot
Ima Robot’s one of my favorite bands, and this quirky song is a phone conversation between Alex Ebert and a girl who he’d give up all the bread, no rice, in China for. It’s funny but super cute! (Available only as Myspace download)

Track 14: "I Love How You Love Me," Jeff Mangum
Neutral Milk Hotel’s Jeff Mangum covers this song, and it’s so romantic. Jeff sings about all the reasons he loves her including the way she misses him when he’s away, and her heavenly kisses, but above all he loves how she loves him.

Track 15: "For the Actor," Mates of State
The husband and wife duo, Jason and Kori, sing about how being together, is like a fantasy. The song has one of the most catchy beats and is constantly stuck in my head, but that’s OK because it’s a great song.

Track 16: "I’ll Follow You Into The Dark," Death Cab for Cutie
To me, the all-time best love song a person could make. Sing me this and you’re in.

Posted June 26

These songs are all about the freedom to do whatever you want.

After roughly nine months confined in the “Convent” I am finally free, for the better half of three months at least. To celebrate this new joy, I decided to compile it into a mix CD. Lately, I’ve needed to express every moment, or mood into the perfect mix. Sometimes they just sit, stored away on my iTunes, but now it’s their time to shine. This is a mix created to meet my need for dancing, friends, and just a mood to relax to before having to return to face my senior year. I hope these few songs will help you celebrate the summer season, as it helps me.

Here’s my playlist, The Start of Something … Summer.

Track 1: "The Start of Something," Voxtrot
Part Pop, part melancholy, Voxtrot’s upbeat spirit puts a great start to summer.

Track 2: "Rejoice," Andrew Jackson Jihad  
AJJ’s riot folk-esque song about the world being hard but there still being reason to rejoice, gives me a hope for a summer. “Rejoice because you’re trying your hardest.”

Track 3: "Weekend Wars," MGMT
Although I hardly ever get the lyrics right, MGMT’s Weekend Wars is the perfect song to drive around to in a car with friends.

Track 4: "You! Me! Dancing!" Los Campesinos!
Brit pop! Los Campesinos capture my “I just want to dance mood” while providing catchy lyrics and just the right amount of keyboards.

Track 5: "I Luv the Valley, Oh!" Xiu Xiu
On commutes from West Hollywood to Woodland Hills, Xiu Xiu (shoe-shoe) combines experimental beats and a foreign language to capture the irony for my not so exciting journey to the valley that I don’t particularly “luv.”

Track 6: "Run To Your Grave," The Mae Shi
Hailing from Los Angeles, The Mae Shi and their omnichord (quirky keyboard) puts me in the perfect summer mood to just move.

Track 7: "I’ve Got Some Friends," Akron/Family
“Hey have you noticed everyone is crazy!” Rings clear through this song. Their slight throwback to classic 70’s rock and current experimental jams is infectious. With its strange off-key guitar, “I’ve Got Some Friends” is my favorite sing along.

Track 8: "Fools," The Dodos
A song essentially about wandering describes my hopefully spontaneous summer.

Track 9: "Hiroshima," Blake Mills
This soft song fits perfectly on a calm day sitting out on my balcony, plus it’s chorus “there’s nothing in the world that I would not do” makes me feel this summer I’m doing it all, or close to that. (Available only as Myspace download)

Track 10: "Hello Sunshine," Super Furry Animals
A song perfect to wake up, with its soft vocals and piano chorus, welcome a bright sun and smile.

Track 11: "How it Should Be (Sha Sha)" Ben Kweller
Pure, innocent fun in the form of a red-headed Ben Kweller.

Track 12: "Glass Danse," The Faint
Making their return this summer after a much-too-long hiatus, The Faint’s dance-friendly “Glass Danse” is a favorite on this mix.

Track 13: "Nighttiming," Coconut Records
My favorite, Jason Schwartzman’s fun song “Nighttiming” is catchy, and the video features his cute brother, Robert.

Track 14: "My British Tour Diary," Of Montreal
Of Montreal is just extremely fun! This song about England pokes fun and brings on the grooves!

Track 15: "Doin’ Time (Summertime)," Sublime
“Summertime and the livin’s easy” No better words to describe my mix.

Posted June 19