By Jennifer Gottesfeld, 15, Beverly Hills High School
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Sex, drugs, and rock & roll, baby! That is the premise of the new and awesome movie Rock Star. Definitely put this on your list of movies to go and see. It shows both the glamorous and dire aspects of becoming a rock star, and how fame can make and break a person. In the movie you witness Chris Cole (Mark Wahlberg) rise to stardom and then plummet. Though, in his downfall, his music career isn’t damaged, his personality and morale are, and the affection you feel for the character at the beginning of the movie, turns into pity. Of course in the end … well, you’ll just have to see the movie to find out what happens in the end.

Though the story was great, the writing got pretty corny in some parts, and some of the events that took place were pretty predictable. The acting however was wonderful from both beautiful Jennifer Aniston and the breathtakingly handsome Mark Wahlberg. They had great chemistry on the screen together. I wish Jennifer Aniston’s part of the story had been a little more developed, but it worked just the same.

I had a lot of fun seeing the movie, and hope it will be a big success because it really deserves it. Boy, girl, it doesn’t matter, it appeals to both sexes, lots of great music, great story, and two of Hollywood’s most beautiful stars, Rock Star is definitely not a movie you want to miss!