By Daniel Choi, 14, Carmenita MS (Cerritos)
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If you need a movie that will make you laugh your butt off, then I suggest Paul Blart: Mall Cop. This movie is about a guy named Paul Blart (played by Kevin James), who devotes his life to protecting the mall at all costs.
One day, a group of bikers come to rob the bank in the mall. Almost everyone in the mall is taken hostage in the mall. As a mall security guard, Blart carries no weapon because he’s not allowed to. Although each robber had a gun Blart still always got the best of them. In one scene in a sporting goods store, he dressed as a hockey player and stood frozen until one of the robbers passed by him. He then knocks out the robber.

The best part of this movie is the physical comedy of the overweight James trying to be athletic. In the beginning of the movie, James’s character goes through an obstacle course as part of the training to become a police officer. If he passes he will become a police officer. There is only one problem that stops Blart. He has diabetes and he needs sugar, so when Blart almost makes it to the end, he falls dead asleep since he has no sugar with him.

Another one of my favorite scenes is when two robbers chase Blart to a clothes shop. Blart hides in an air vent, until a robber starts to stab the air vent with a sharp metal pole. As Blart avoids the stabs, he starts to loosen the air vent making the vent fall on top of the robber. It knocks out the robber, but the other robber runs away scared.

The movie has a lot of scenes that make fun of Blart, which makes the movie kind of cheesy because it was too repetitive. Still Mall Cop will make you laugh, so if you need some comedy you know what movie to look for.