By Victor Beteta, 18, University HS
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Bad Teacher starring Cameron Diaz was a really funny movie with lots of one-liners that had the audience laughing throughout the movie. The jokes were sometimes racist and the characters curse a lot, so if you get easily offended you shouldn’t watch it.

The movies starts with Elizabeth Halsey (Diaz) leaving her teaching job since she is about to marry a millionaire. But the wedding gets canceled because her fiancé finds out she’s mostly interested in his money, so she has to go back to teaching. Elizabeth’s plan is to make enough money to pay for a boob job, so another rich guy would marry her.

On the first day she shows a movie to the class, which becomes her favorite teaching method because she’s hangover from drinking. Most of the teachers are portrayed in a bad light, Elizabeth and the gym teacher (played by Jason Segel) smoke marijuana and Elizabeth even steals from parents. And to motivate her students to learn she throws a dodge ball at them when they answer a question wrong (they get to throw it at her if they answer correctly).

Also on the first day she meets the new substitute teacher, Scott Delacorte played by Justin Timberlake, who happens to be millionaire. Elizabeth makes it her goal to have him fall in love with her.

The rest of the movie keeps showing her being terrible at her job. She continues to steal to get money for the surgery. She even gets parents to pay her to guarantee their kids get a passing grade, because she finds out that the teacher whose students do best on a test gets a bonus. That also prompts her to stop showing movies and actually teach. The movie seem to follow a predictable plot that you think she’ll get caught and she’ll learn a lesson, but in the end that’s not what happens. I liked that it caught me off guard.

Before seeing the movie Bad Teacher, I thought that the movie would be more of romantic comedy, but while there’s a little of romance the few sexual scenes were used more for laughs. Overall, I would say that Bad Teacher is a good movie to watch with your friends if you want to enjoy an afternoon laughing.