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Junior Miss pageant

I am rather disappointed with the perspective and content of the article you published, "My Beauty Pageant Nightmare." I too participated in California’s Junior Miss and I must say, the 11 days at Rohnert Park were among my life’s most uplifting and rewarding moments. I befriended genuinely sweet, bright, and caring people that I would otherwise not have had an opportunity to meet. All 50 of us college-bound students were constantly sharing laughter and stories—rarely was there an individual who thought poorly of others. Junior Miss is NOT a beauty pageant. It is a scholarship opportunity for high school juniors. There I was taught to be my best self.
—Sharon Hwang, Yale University

I just wanted to let you know what an amazing experience the California Junior Miss program was for me. The girls were kind, host families were generous, dance routines were fun, and the food was yummy. Ask anyone else who is a former Junior Miss and they will tell you the same.
—Krista Hanson, UCLA


I think Vincent’s article about being rejected from college is very good, because I think the majority of teenagers are rejected. I think you guys should write more articles about this, so more people could understand how teenagers feel when they get rejected.
—Lorena Sanchez, Hollywood HS

I read Vincent Hsia’s story about going to community college. What I have to say about this article is – Don’t overreact! I really don’t think that a community college is bad. You make it sound as if it was the end of the world. I believe that it does not matter what school you’re in, or get into. If you try hard, you can do whatever you want.
—Mayra Cuevas, Hollywood HS