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A girl wished she were thinner

The article “I wish I were thinner” helped me tremendously. I do not have any sort of eating disorder. However, I know a friend who believes she has to look a certain way. The writer helped me understand her better and showed me how I could help. Before reading this I would try to avoid any conversation that would mention her eating disorder. I felt uncomfortable talking about it, since I had tried to help many times and failed. I got frustrated. However, now I know that it’s the last thing she needs. I am planning on giving this article to her, so that maybe she will take the writer’s advice.
Piunik Babakhanins, Wilson MS (Glendale)

I thought this article was amazing. In the end, the writer realized that her health is more important than her weight and I think all girls should know this. In my opinion everyone who believes in themselves and has confidence in who they are is beautiful. I also believe that wanting to be thinner is OK if you lose the inches the right way!
Gyulnara Grigoryan, Wilson MS

I can relate to the article “I wish I were thinner” in many ways. Merryck went through many tough phases just to lose weight. The idea of headaches, vomiting and so on is quite painful to me. I once tried her method of losing weight, but I stopped. After reading this article, I realize that diets can harm people in severe ways.
Name withheld

A teen dealt with her Facebook addiction

I am a Facebook addict. That’s why as I was flipping through the newspaper, the headline “Addicted to Facebook” immediately caught my eye. Although I don’t feel left out [like the writer did], I can relate to her when she talks about going to bed around 2 every night and her grades dropping because of Facebook. I’m trying to cut down the amount of time I spend on the social networking site every day, but the thought of not being able to comment on status updates, like people’s pictures, or change my banner scares me. I think Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with people, but you need to be careful not to let it consume you.
Eliza Suluyan, Wilson MS

I love the article about the girl who was addicted to Facebook. It helped me a lot!!
Julie Martinez, comment on Facebook

Finally! Someone who actually knows how I feel! I liked this article because it relates to almost every teenager, including me. Every day I come home from school and I immediately go on Facebook. I have to check for updates or comments. I try not to go on Facebook a lot but I can’t resist. I’ve tried to do many things so I won’t log on every day but nothing works. I’ve deactivated my Facebook but three days later I reactivate it. I wish I could download a program that lets me go on Facebook for no more than 15 minutes. I really enjoyed reading this article because it really connected to my life.
Gevork Sarkissian, Wilson MS

The article “Addicted to Facebook” was very interesting. I was once addicted to video games and can relate to the writer. It takes work to get over an addiction. She wrote, “I was going to bed around 2 at night.” To me that doesn’t sound that bad. Letting your grades slip for social networking, in my opinion, is weak. Social networking is used to burn off time and happily she returned to her old self. I find it amazing she was able to put a two-minute lock on it. I cannot do that.
Scott Yzarnotegui, Wilson MS

Illegal downloading hurts the artists

I stopped illegally downloading because my laptop got a virus. Now I buy iTunes cards and I like it, or else I would keep downloading!
Marisol Samayoa, comment on Faceboook

Teachers shouldn’t be laid off to save money

I read the article “Cutting teachers isn’t the answer” and it was interesting but also heartbreaking. I’ve seen this sort of story on the news and I ask myself why someone would cut teachers’ jobs to save the school’s money. I’m sure the school can find a better way to save money. For example, the school can start recycling or organize a fundraiser. Also, cutting classes isn’t the answer, because that just hurts the teachers and the students.
Celine Der Boghosian, Wilson MS

A student advocated for better technology at his school

I commend you on becoming informed about how important education is and how much more difficult it is to get. I just wanted to point out that even schools like Beverly Hills High School don’t have the resources you implied. There is a new science building, but when labs are done, the students are in groups of about five, which means individual experience is pretty much not there. As an alumnus of the school, I can also say that the flashy building with what seems like great resources must have had the sole intention of pleasing donors to the school, since it did not enrich the academic experience [when] I was there. All public schools are under a crunch, and even Beverly Hills cuts everything that doesn’t improve its chances of getting donations for things kids don’t need (new track field while counselors jobs are cut, etc.). Unfortunately, the best education right now is most likely independent or through organizations like the one you joined.
Wilderose, Comment on

Painting a mural to give back to your community

I love the mural! It has a modern feel to it and all the colors complement each other. I also love the idea behind the project [that had high school students  painting a mural for Temple City’s library]. Great job!
Jessica Kwen, comment on Facebook

Editor’s note: this story appeared only on during the summer of 2011.