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A boy’s mom beat cancer

I could relate to “Mom, I’m praying for you.” Last year my grandpa had lung cancer. Doctors gave him no chance of living. I couldn’t even go near him because I would just cry. One night I stopped crying and I thought to myself, “Crying is not going to do anything,” and that’s when I started to pray for him every day. This story really touched me because like the writer and his mom, I wasn’t really close to my grandpa either. And then one day I went fishing with him and that’s when I realized what I was missing out on.
Asi Grigoryain
, Wilson MS (Glendale)

This article made me remember when my little cousin was diagnosed with brain cancer. I felt so depressed and I wanted to help my cousin in any way I could. I wanted to spend more time with him. When I heard he beat the illness, I was totally thrilled for him. I went to visit him at the hospital and he was still the person I knew before he had cancer. I’m glad that my cousin is better and I’m glad that Ben’s mom is better too.
Alejandra Garcia, Wilson MS


Chickens make good pets

I support all the people who have strange pets. The fact that the writer of “Unexpected pets” is a chicken lover is perfectly normal. My father always wanted a dog when he was a child. His father got a goose instead. My grandpa brought home the goose to make some delicious stew, but instead the goose and my dad became best friends.
Alfred Gregoryan, Wilson MS


Grinding is not dancing

Most students can relate to the article “You call that dancing?” Freak dancing is inappropriate and nasty. If I went to a dance and people were doing this, I would rather sit down the whole time than dance like that. I agree with the writer that girls should respect themselves and not dance like that just because a guy wants to. I also believe that guys should have enough respect for girls to not make them dance like that if they don’t want to. Parents should also get involved and talk to their kids about how inappropriate it is.

Meri Palasanian, Wilson MS


Choosing technology over friends

The article “Turn it off” got me thinking. In the past, I’ve been guilty of paying more attention to my electronics than to my friends. Whenever I hung out with them I would focus too much on the music I was listening to or the texts I was receiving rather than enjoy their company. After I read this article, I realized that what I was doing was wrong. Now when I hang out with friends, I don’t take my electronics with me and my friends seem to enjoy my company more.

Christian Mendoza, Wilson MS

I’m one of those people who uses my iPod and my computer way too much and sometimes I ignore my friends and family. I think that this is a horrible habit, but I want to listen to my music and podcasts and I forget that people are talking to me. This article made me realize that when I use my noise-cancellation earphones, my family members and friends will hate me because I am not paying attention to them. I agree that everyone, including myself, should use technology less.

Matthew Ng, Wilson MS