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Learning graffiti in an art class

When I read the article, “Graffiti is my future,” I became pretty excited because I had wanted to learn how to make paintings using a spray can. I think that graffiti could be someone’s future. I liked this article because it teaches that graffiti can also be an art form, rather than just simply tagging. People always see it as a crime, but to others it is a way of expressing themselves and getting away from problems. I really believe that graffiti is a way of expressing yourself, and this article motivated me to take a class.
J. Timothy Alegria, Wilson MS (Glendale)

I like how the author portrays graffiti and tagging as different. I see graffiti as art and a way a person expresses themselves. To tie into that yes, graffiti is vandalism, but it may be the only way a person can show their emotions.
Robert Legaspi, Wilson MS

This was my favorite article because the people [in the class] can express themselves through art, with spray cans. I used to think tagging was only when people mess up their community, but sometimes it helps other people. The article really touched me because people aren’t throwing their lives away on the street. They’re being very productive.
Genesis Stewart, Cochran MS

Raped by her uncle

I really liked this article. It was sad that her uncle raped her and gave her drugs. I never really cared about other peoples’ lives, but when I read this it opened my eyes to how many people need help. I thought to myself, this could have been someone I knew, like a close friend or even me. She’s a hero to me because she had the courage to tell people her story and confront her uncle.
Erika Grijalva, Cochran MS

I read the article “He doesn’t scare me anymore” and it was a shock to read about how a young girl got raped by her uncle. If I were her I would feel the same—disgusted and terrified. Knowing that her uncle threatened to hurt her family if she told anyone is probably a reason she kept quiet for a while.
    There are a lot of young teens out there who get abused or raped by their family members and they end up not saying anything. But the teen in the article finally had the courage to tell someone and no longer kept quiet.
Erica Davis, Wilson MS

I feel many young ladies can relate to this story based on what is going on in their lives. I know how hard it must be to reveal a secret that has been going on in your life for years. I’m proud of all the young ladies who come forward to tell the world their stories.
Shanice Martin, Cochran MS

It’s sad how her uncle abused her. I hope that this article helps a lot of young girls who are also victims of rape. I think that most girls stay quiet because they’re scared. If you are being abused, tell someone right away. You’re not alone.
Merlyin Cernas, Cochran MS

This article made me feel gloomy. I can’t believe a family member would do that. Also, I can’t believe she did drugs at the age of 10. At the end I was proud of her because she had the guts to tell her mother about what her uncle did to her. Also, she was strong and brave to tell other people. She was opening up to people and talking about her past. That made me realize I should appreciate the things I have now.
Roslyn Ruiz, Wilson MS

This story was interesting.  It tells the truth of real life.  This could happen to anyone.  We need to know what we have to do if that happens to us.  If you’ve been a victim of rape or sexual assault don’t be scared to go and talk with a police officer.  There was a crime and the person who did it needs to pay.  This is my advice.
Gabriela Menjivar, Belmont HS

The article “He Doesn’t Scare Me Anymore” is an example girls needing to speak out.  We have to take action if somebody is doing something that hurts us.  The article made me feel like I was there!  It is difficult to know that such pain can happen to girl’s life, and possibly can even happen to me!  It was hard for her; especially, talking to others.  I am surprised that she had the strength to talk about that.
Susan Zapata, Belmont HS

A boy addicted to his video games

I really connected to this article. I love watching TV and sometimes find myself replacing my homework or sleeping with watching TV. Although it doesn’t affect my performance in school, it takes a toll on many other things. I find myself spending less time with my family and friends, which I hate. Even during my busiest times, I’ll still try extra hard to squeeze in some TV time. I’m trying really hard to break my addiction and find it inspiring that Cameron minimized his own addiction. I also agree with Cameron that the hardest thing for an addict to do is to admit they have a problem.
Ninette Mirzakhanian, Wilson MS

I really liked this story. I’m addicted to my PC game World of Warcraft and I don’t study. I lie to my parents, telling them I have a project to do on the computer. Games are my life; without them, life would be kind of boring. I play games from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. on weekends. If I wake up at night I get up and play my games. This article made me realize that I have to focus more on school than playing games.
Namirud Yegezu
, Cochran MS

There’s more to a job than a paycheck

This article gave me an idea. I have an aunt who owns a Salvadorian restaurant and I want to do the same thing Christina did and work in my aunt’s restaurant. Her restaurant is always full of people and it is really hot in the kitchen. I hate that because then I start sweating and I don’t like that. But I think I’ll give it a try because then I’ll get to know new people, hang out with my aunt and get experience. Having a job is important because I could buy my own stuff.
Allan Granados, Cochran MS

Liking a friend who doesn’t feel the same way

I like this article because I can relate. I have a best friend who I used to like. We grew up together. I never told him [I liked him] but I thought he had to know. He told me he loved being my best friend and how it was great just being my friend. Ever since then I just keep it to myself, but now we are great friends. I would’ve told him the way I felt but our friendship would’ve been ruined.
L. Allen, Cochran MS

I really liked the way Michelle handled the friend zone. She eventually forgot, not like most girls who get depressed. I know it’s hard but you have to get over it. In the end, you end up meeting someone lots better. Just move on and forget about him. That’s the best way.
Cindy Valladares, Cochran MS

I like this story, because it happens in real life, of course it happened to me too.  I felt bad, because the person that I loved just saw me like a friend. Love is confusing!  For every boy a girl is another chapter in their book, but for a girl it is the whole story! You have to see who gives you real love and respect you.
Angela Calel, Belmont HS

I like this story because it happens in real life, commonly with teenagers. They think that they know everything about love, and that’s not true!  They get confused when they think somebody loves them; or when they have a good friend, they think that they can be boyfriend and girlfriend instead of just friends.
Jose Catalan, Belmont HS