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Is cheating the right answer?

I can really relate to the article “An honest grade” because I also have trouble with tests. I’m always tempted to look at the smart student next to me. It’s so easy but I know it’s the wrong thing to do. I don’t copy because I know I’ll get caught sooner or later. The best thing to do is try your best and let the results come back fair.
Alex Manukian, Wilson MS (Glendale)

This article was by far my favorite because of how much we students can relate to it. It’s 100 percent true that some more motivated students study all night, whereas other lazy students depend on their neighboring student so they can cheat off their answers. The article really made me think about how grades are not the most important part of the class, but learning the material is.
Steven Gasparian, Wilson MS

Cheating is definitely tempting. When I look around and see how many people cheat, either on homework or tests, I feel really disappointed. I think that cheating should feel wrong for everyone because we come to school to learn, and the grades we earn are just a visible measure of how much we know. The real test is when we have to show what we have learned by using it in our lives. A grade shouldn’t matter as much as the pure knowledge. Cheating is pointless because the only people cheaters cheat are themselves.
Ani Ahanonyan, Wilson MS

As I was reading the article, “An honest grade,” I gained a whole different perspective. The people who spend hours, days, weeks and probably even months studying don’t get the credit they deserve if everyone just copies from them. Everyone should admire those who do, but it’s come to a point where people believe not many cheaters are being disciplined at home or school so why should they care? I’ve been tempted to cheat and I think I did once before. After, I felt guilty but honestly it wears off. I really don’t know if I should care or not.
Gabriela Chiquito, Wilson MS

A student got caught cheating

In the article, “I got caught,” it was interesting to hear about someone who has cheated only once. Being in middle school, it’s normal for everyone to cheat and no one really cares, they just care about getting a good grade. I think Christina is right and that cheating has consequences. Until this article, I never thought about the cheating people do outside of school, like cheating in marriage or in sports. This article got me thinking about cheating in a way I have never thought about before. It was really insightful.
Morgan Wilson, Wilson MS

A 4-foot-9 girl

I can relate to the story “Growing pains” in the opposite way. I’m 5 feet 9 and tall for my age. At school people tease me because they are jealous of my height. They used to call me King Kong, Godzilla, ogre, bulldozer and monster. That really hurt me. I got into a fight with a kid because he called me one of those names. I was suspended and I realized, who cares what they say; accept who you are and life will be better.
Rafael Mkrtchyan, Wilson MS

I can relate to the article “Growing pains” because I was in the same position as Samantha. When I was in fifth grade I was short and I would get teased. I tried to ignore the comments, but I was afraid I would stay short forever. I decided to go to a doctor and she said that I could still grow. Right now I’m in seventh grade and I’m pretty tall. When I see short people, I don’t make fun of them because I know how it feels to be made fun of. I have a friend who is 4 feet 11 and she is worried that she will not get any taller. I tell her that she will grow in her own time.
Astine Shagbabyan, Wilson MS

A mentor became a friend

I really enjoyed reading this article, because the girl in the article is very good at making choices. She chose to hang out with a mentor instead of people who didn’t really care about her. I’ve had the same experience in my life. When I was little, I had a counselor I felt so comfortable around. I had a counselor because my mother had no time because she was always at work. My counselor was there for me whenever I needed her and she always had faith in me, even if I didn’t have faith. For example, when I had a problem with a boy I really liked, but didn’t know if he liked me back, she guided me through the steps from her past experience. That was a great experience for me because she helped me solve my problems and was a best friend to me.
Briana Collura, Wilson MS