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Finding time for work and friends

I really enjoyed this article because it shows that jobs can be fun. When most of us think of working, we imagine a place that has no fun. That isn’t always the case though, as Camila explains. I think her plan of prioritizing her time worked for her. She had time to hang with friends, work and do schoolwork.
Tina A.
Wilson MS (Glendale)

A girl’s family can barely afford their home

This story was very emotional for me. It makes me sad because they can’t do anything as a family anymore. I know it is hard for people to go through the same experience. I hope you are not still going through this situation because everybody needs family time even if they are struggling. I am happy that you can face this conflict without adding pressure on top of it.
Wallace Smith
Camino Nuevo Charter Academy

A girl was abused by her guardian

This story really grabbed my attention. One thing I can’t tolerate is child abuse, so when I read this story, it really hurt to see that someone actually lived like this. After I read it, I knew that I wanted to become a social worker, and not just any social worker, but the best social worker, one who really cares about helping children.
Honora Harrison
Warren HS (Downey)

When I read this article I was shocked. I couldn’t believe that Victoria hit the writer after the writer was left by her mother for Victoria to take care of. I can’t believe the writer spent years being abused and never said anything to the police. There were a lot of better places she could’ve lived that wouldn’t have treated her the way Victoria had. But at least she had a friend to help her. I learned a lot from this article, like if you are abused, you should tell someone.
Ana Luisa Vivaldo
Wilson MS

This was a great article with a strong message. It was very sad that Victoria made the writer do all those chores when she was just 8 years old. It was a good thing that she finally told a friend about what was going on, but she should’ve told someone about it even earlier so Victoria wouldn’t have done those things to her. I was amazed that she had the courage to tell the police though, because without Victoria, she wouldn’t have a real home. Reading this article made me think about all the other kids being abused and made me want to do something about it, like donating some money or clothes. She showed bravery and stood up for herself, even when it meant losing a place to live.
Joshua Collado
Wilson MS

When I started reading “Left in the wrong hands,” I couldn’t put the paper down. I was shocked that the girl being abused didn’t do anything to get away sooner! I knew that child abuse was horrible, but it seemed imaginary to me, like it didn’t really happen. This made me realize that child abuse does happen and is happening right now. I now understand how serious it is.
Lauren Hansen
Wilson MS

This article was shocking. I couldn’t believe what happened to this young girl. It broke my heart. I never thought that her mom’s best friend would abuse her. I will always look out for people who I think are suspicious.
Deivi Cifuentes
Camino Nuevo Charter Academy

I like classical music

I found this article very interesting and I can relate to the topic. I like country, classical and pop, but when I mention country my friends laugh because they are all into rap. Does that mean I have to listen to it too? No. I can listen to whatever because I’m my own person. So when someone puts you down for what you like just ignore them.
Jasmyne Durgin

Driving lessons were scary

I have never stopped to think about the accidents I might get into while driving. In “Not so fast,” Lia writes about how many times she had near-accidents and how many people she was about to hit. When I learn how to drive, I will remember this story and I’ll remember that I won’t get it right the first time.
Tara Baghoomian
Wilson MS

Preparing for quakes

I found this article to be very helpful. Ever since that 4.7 earthquake in May I have been very uneasy. It was the first real earthquake I experienced and it was a real eye opener. Knowing how close the epicenter was to my home in San Pedro really frightened me. The night of the earthquake I wanted to go out and buy some earthquake supplies in case an aftershock came soon. However, with all of the people in my family working or going to school no one ever got around to buying what was needed. I think this is because we didn’t know what to buy. I took it upon myself to go to a nearby grocery store and I bought all the necessary supplies. Thanks to this article I knew what I needed to buy and now I know that I don’t need my mom to do everything for me. Because when it comes to dangerous situations like this, everyone has to be prepared. Thank you for the info.
Melanie Mahabir
California Academy of Math and Science (Carson)

“Getting ready for earthquakes” has taught me the importance of preparing for an earthquake. Earthquakes can be destructive and you never know when one will strike. It’s best to prepare for an earthquake, especially if you live in Southern California. I wouldn’t want anyone in my family to get hurt, but at least now I know what is needed during an earthquake. Every household should have an emergency kit and a plan in case of any disaster. Thank you for the safety tips.
Jorge Martinez
Camino Nuevo Charter Academy