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Video games aren’t too violent

I think the story  “In defense of video games” is excellent because it describes how playing video games doesn’t make people violent. I feel the same way because I play all the games the writer does and they haven’t turned me violent. I like the way his parents treat him when it comes to video games. My mom is against those violent games. She even took some games away for a while. I also agree that the Grand Theft Auto series is too intense for people who aren’t mature enough. Violent games don’t teach you anything bad and spending time playing video games is great and enjoyable.
Daniel Sarkissian
Wilson MS (Glendale)

I liked this article because I agree with the writer that just because people kill others in video games, it doesn’t mean they are going to kill in real life. I have played many violent video games and I haven’t been violent. I have friends who play violent video games and they’re not violent. Parents think that we’re going to turn violent over a video game that is not even real. I think they need to play the games so they can see the truth.
Rafael Arellano
Paramount HS

I really connected to the article “In defense of video games” because I understand what the author is trying to tell the reader. I feel the same way about video games that are so-called violent. I can see how people misunderstand video games as being violent, but really they are all fun. If kids get ideas to kill someone after playing a video game they aren’t mature enough to understand games.
     I have loved video games since I was a little kid and I have not once thought of violence. I also think that parents and adults do not understand the technology of our time so they are afraid that their kids will get the wrong message. The video game era is not violent, but fun. People should understand that video games don’t affect the youth except when kids play long hours throughout the night.
Mario Alvarado
Camino Nuevo Charter Academy

Saving my money instead of spending it

I read the article “Saving for something better.” I spent all of my birthday money on an Xbox 360 and a DJ mixer, which was the wrong thing to do. I could have saved the money and used it for something better, like my college fund, or put it in a savings account. The next time I get money I will save it for college. Also, I will spend less on food when I go out with my friends. I think I will save a lot of money by cutting back. After reading this article I know how to spend money and I will be prepared for the future.
Chris Nazaryan
Wilson MS

Harassed by a boy at school

I think that this article was very realistic and very well written. “Should I be afraid?” is about a girl who was harassed by a fellow student who seemed to like her. To make things worse, the boy kept calling her over and over, until the point when he said that he was going to cut himself if she didn’t talk to him.
     The part that really got me was the fact that she kept telling her counselor and the counselor told an assistant principal, but the assistant principal didn’t do anything. Even after she was threatened with rape, the assistant principal still didn’t do anything. I think that schools need to pay more attention to these types of incidents and try to stop them. High schools should ensure that all students feel safe while at school.
Rene Chino
Camino Nuevo Charter Academy

After years of being teased, I feel better about myself

I think the article “I no longer feel worthless” is very touching. It made me wonder how people feel when they get teased or bullied by others. Some people think it’s OK to tease others who have some kind of disability or look different. Everyone should be respected no matter how different they may seem.
     The writer was going through a very hard time in her life and her getting teased lowered her self-esteem. At some point she actually started thinking about doing harm to herself. We should remind ourselves that we all have feelings and I’m sure with a little more respect and kindness this world would be a better place.
Hasmik Arutunyan
Wilson MS

This story is amazing because it is about a young girl who was criticized by people because of a physical disability. People shouldn’t get criticized because of how they look. That isn’t fair. I won’t criticize people for how they look because my parents taught me not to. This story was really good and I just kept on reading and reading. I’m happy that the girl finally feels like she fits in the world.
Jesse Bajonero
Camino Nuevo Charter Academy

I really liked this article. The writer has a physical disability and people made fun of her. I see that all around me. Sometimes walking down the halls at school I see kids making fun of those who have disabilities. Sometimes it is for no reason at all.
     No one should be made fun of because it hurts people’s feelings and it’s disrespectful. When someone is being teased they feel like no one is there for them. Everyone should try to get along with those who need support so they don’t feel left out or worthless because that’s not true.
Liliana Paola C.
Paramount HS

I used to be overweight, but I learned to be healthy

I really enjoyed “From fast food to fitness.” It reminded me of what I had gone through. What I really enjoyed was how the writer described the steps he took to get to where he is now. I went through the same thing. I finally told myself I needed to lose weight. When we started doing the mile in P.E. I disliked it at first. Then in seventh grade I couldn’t wait for the mile day to come. I also was able to do 40 pushups and 100 sit-ups straight. I think this story will change others’ lives for the better. It will inspire young kids who probably feel the same way.
Humberto Perez
Camino Nuevo Charter Academy

I liked the article “From fast food to fitness.” This story had a lot of detail. It showed exactly how the writer lost weight by going to the gym and exercising at six in the morning. He made huge sacrifices like not eating fast food and doing pushups. I kind of relate to this story because when I was smaller I was fatter and now I’m getting fat again. I feel like I should start doing the same things the writer did to lose weight.
Ricardo Garcia
Paramount HS

I love to dance

This article showed that dancing is a way to express yourself. It inspired me to continue dancing and to always be confident. When you’re trying something new, try to have fun with it. Do not let others make you feel embarrassed. Don’t stop doing something that you really like to do.
Yesenia Montano
Camino Nuevo Charter Academy

I connected with the writer of “Just dance” because I love to dance and express myself.  I love to jerk too. The first time I heard “You’re a Jerk” by New Boyz I started dancing. It was a challenge to learn how to jerk, but I got the hang of it. I could tell the writer has a lot of fun dancing with friends.
Adela Davtyan
Wilson MS