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Being a nerd is awesome

I can really relate to the article “The perks of being a nerd.” I’m not really a nerd but I like to read scientific books about things like jets and cars. Sometimes when my friends see me reading these kinds of things they make fun of me. I don’t listen because I really like this kind of stuff. It’s the same with Jose. He loves being a nerd and studying and learning. You can’t judge him for that. It’s just who he is and you can’t change that.
Ahmad Jiha, Wilson MS (Glendale)

I too am a nerd and I absolutely love it. I love to read and learn new words because I like seeing the expressions on adults’ faces when they hear my extensive vocabulary. I used to be embarrassed to be called a nerd but now when somebody calls me a nerd I smile and say, “That’s me.”
Elisa Murillo, Madison MS (North Hollywood)

Kudos to you—I’m a nerd too and I love it! Nerds will change the world so keep your nose in the books and the world will be your oyster!!
Cicely Shermaine Majeed, Comment on Facebook

Taking a bike instead of the bus

I could relate to the article “Life in the bike lane.” I enjoy riding my bike around my neighborhood. Some days, my family and I go out for a walk around the neighborhood and I take my bike sometimes. I ride ahead and enjoy the scenic views of the mountains and the smiles on people’s faces when I say hello to them. The smell of the fresh air calms me down. It feels like a whole different world. When I want to change my mood, I always go on a bike ride.
Natalie Baghdadlian, Wilson MS

I love getting around on my bike. It makes me feel so free! I get to explore the city and wherever I want instead of waiting for the bus. The bus is crowded, smelly and almost always late. Taking bike rides is so liberating and fun.
Kimberly Flores, Madison MS

Visiting colleges helped a girl plan for her future

I can relate to “Picturing myself at college” because my parents and I always talk about having a good education. All I had ever wanted was to go to USC until I read about other universities like UC Davis and NYU. I’m still thinking of what college I should go to. I know I have a hard decision ahead of me, but researching different universities over the next few years will help me make my decision.
Linnette Holgado, Madison MS

I loved reading the article, “Picturing myself at college.” I would like to go to college too. She was lucky to visit different colleges in Northern California. College changes a lot of people. I think you should go to college, get a degree and have a great career. So Yesenia, go to college and have a great future!
Celine Der Boghsian, Wilson MS

As I was reading this article I felt like I was reading my thoughts. I was afraid that I won’t have any friends or won’t fit in with the students. I was also afraid that they would make fun of me and my accent, but when I went to visit my cousin at UC Riverside, it was completely different from how I pictured universities. I was shocked when I entered my cousin’s dorm. There are so many different kinds of people there—whites, African Americans, Filipinos, Laotians, Thais, Vietnamese, Koreans, Hispanics, Indians and Japanese. This was my first time visiting a college and now I am so excited about going to college. I want to finish high school so I can explore life at a university.
Tho Trang, San Gabriel HS

Looking at the candidates for governor

We were just discussing this in class today, and I totally agree with your position. The sad thing is that this whole country is a mess, and it’s so hard to actually do anything about it.
Suhauna, Comment on

I absolutely love this story. I’m not very much into politics so I didn’t really know any of the candidates’ plans to make California strong again. I was confused and didn’t know who I was going to vote for but after reading this article I got a pretty good idea of who will get my vote. Thanks Aaron and L.A. Youth for the article.

Patricia Chavarria, Comment on Facebook

After being an outcast, a girl made close friends

Trying to find a group I could relate to in middle school was really hard. Since I am overweight, many groups on campus wouldn’t accept me. I hated it. I felt like the only way people would accept me was if I lost weight. Now that I’m in eighth grade, I have found friends who don’t judge me. They like me for who I am and don’t care about what I dress like or how rich or poor I am. They like my personality and are cool to hang out with.
Name withheld

I think a lot of teenagers are too self-conscious about what they look or act like. People are afraid to be themselves. Some kids tell others that they dress funny or ask why they like doing something, as though it’s the strangest thing they’ve heard. I think people should just be who they are, because people will like them for it and want to know the “real you.”
Sara Kwan, Wilson MS

A girl was smoking marijuana

I could relate to the article, “The lows of getting high.” A lot of people I know have been affected by drugs or other addictions like drinking. When a girl offered the writer weed, she should have said no. My family has been affected by addictions and I know it affects relationships, trust and responsibilities. And like the writer, I have thankfully seen people stop doing drugs and live healthy and happy lives.
Jack Mosier, Wilson MS

Learning CPR to be prepared for emergencies

How to save a life” caught my eye because it seemed like an interesting article and it was. Before reading this, I had no clue how to perform CPR. I also didn’t know that CPR is used when someone’s heart stops beating. I’m glad I learned the basics for saving a life. Hopefully in the future I’ll take classes like the writer and learn CPR in more detail.
Nazik Zakaryan
, Wilson MS

When I was 3 years old I choked on a blue raspberry Jolly Rancher. My mom started panicking, but my dad quickly did the Heimlich maneuver. The candy came out and my life was saved. It pays to know rescue methods and I’m thankful my dad knew what to do.
Mary Tutunjyan
, Madison MS

Cheerleading is a blast

I like this article because I can relate to it. Cheerleading is something I love to do. Reading how Kheri feels about it reminds me of myself. Cheering the football team on and performing are the most wonderful feeling in the world. The excitement and exhilaration are the best. Being a cheerleader, you make a lot of friends and you learn to not be shy and perform in front of people. You also get in shape. Overall, it’s a wonderful experience.
Nissa Diaz, San Gabriel HS

Should marijuana be legalized?

I think marijuana should be legalized. It’s not as bad as other drugs and it can be used for medical treatments too. I think people overreact when it comes to pot. It’s very annoying when they say how bad pot is, when it’s really not that bad. Legalizing marijuana would save police time and money because using pot would no longer be a crime. The government could raise money by taxing the sale of pot. That’s why I want it legalized. I think it’s the right choice.
Mia Strizzi
, Wilson MS

A boy has the courage to dance in front of a crowd

I can relate to “Stepping it up” because I used to dance. I danced in an academy. I had no problem dancing in front of 10 people, but 12,000, no way. I would think, “What if I fall or mess up?” My mom motivated me, so I got out there and did my thing. Now I can perform in front of a lot of people.
Lenisha Williams, Madison MS

Like Anthony, I love dancing too. Dancing helps me take out my anger and sadness and I also dance when I’m happy. I have been dancing ever since I was little. I turn on the radio and dance to any kind of music. I’m so shy, which makes me afraid of what people might say if I mess up. The only way I dance is at my house, turning off the lights when no one is there. I can express my feelings through the beats of the song and also the rhythm. I’m glad Anthony overcame his fear. Hopefully sooner or later I will too.
Sandra Lopez, San Gabriel HS