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Listening to thoughtful rap music

The article “Rap that makes me think” is very powerful. The writer, Stanton, is right about what a lot of artists rap about. I agree with him because there are a lot of rappers who only say how rich they are and how they’re better than everybody else. On the other hand there are a lot of rappers who talk about life, politics and just express themselves, which is what music is supposed to do. I think music is supposed to be a way for people to say what they feel. Rap is no different—it doesn’t all have to be parties, drugs and women. This article inspired me. Rap is more than a party, it’s a way of life.
Rene Chino
Camino Nuevo Charter Academy

Math is hard

I love this story. I felt as if I wrote it. I’m going through the same thing in algebra. I just don’t understand it; it’s like another language. Everybody has problems with math at some point so this article relates to a lot of people. I understood what the writer was going through, but if I were her, I would have done something about it sooner instead of waiting until my senior year. When things started to go bad she could have talked to a teacher. That’s what I’m doing and hopefully it will help with my grades and I’ll pass.
Melani Aghazarian
Wilson MS (Glendale)

I think this article was great. I liked how the writer did not give up on math just because she didn’t like it and was having a hard time with it. I think we all need to try hard in math because it is an important subject and like the writer, we know we can’t neglect math just because we struggle with it.
Heber Chavez
East Valley HS (North Hollywood)

This story really hit home for me. I’ve always been good at English but math has been complicated for as long as I can remember. Beatriz taught me to never give up even if I feel completely lost. Is it embarrassing for me to say I have a D in geometry? Of course it is, but I really am trying in my class. Beatriz has given me a new sense of hope. It’s OK to struggle—no one is perfect. But it’s my job to improve my grade and get help. Remember, don’t be afraid to ask questions. It doesn’t mean you’re stupid, it means you’re concerned about your future.
Cindy Rivera
Madison MS (North Hollywood)

Changing my bad behavior

The article “I was out of control” stood out to me because I used to be out of control too. The writer was in a tough situation. She was taken from her parents to live with strangers. I don’t think I could ever survive without my parents or my sisters. To me, the writer is a tough girl. She did have troubles along the way, but she changed her bad ways to get back to her family. Controlling your anger is extremely hard, but fighting is never the answer. When I’m angry I like to take a walk or run and play soccer and just take it out on the ball.
Carmen Lopez
East Valley HS

I like this article because it shows how the writer changed her life. It made me think about all of the teenagers who have behavior problems and because of that they end up in group homes. I’ve decided that when I’m older I want to help teens who have problems.
Elsa Reyes
East Valley HS

Biking in L.A.

The article “L.A. on two wheels” made me think about the county we live in. When I think about Los Angeles, I imagine paved streets and towering buildings. I never think about the scenery Los Angeles has to offer. People drive on the freeway and never even think about the beautiful scenery around them. Sometimes you just need to stop and enjoy the city you live in. This article inspired me to start walking, jogging or riding my bike around the neighborhood and just relax.
Kevan Loo
Wilson MS

This article really interested me. Growing up surrounded by buildings, I never thought about biking places. I love how the writer talked about her biking trips as going sightseeing. Not only does it seem like a better way to spend time, it looks entertaining. New adventures are thrilling. It would be such a great time exploring places by bike instead of riding in a car. Being able to reach all these destinations would be awesome.
Tristine Nubla
Wilson MS

Raising awareness about teen pregnancy

The article “Taking on teen pregnancy” was really serious. I think it is interesting and good for people to know what sex is and the consequences. Teens should get more education about this subject. I wouldn’t want to risk being pregnant or getting STDs.
Desiree Nieto
Wilson MS

I thought this article was very interesting because it talks about sex and the consequences of it. Teen pregnancy is a big problem. I think everyone should think about the consequences of sex. The best thing to do is to wait or use protection. A simple mistake can change your life.
Pamela Flores
East Valley HS

An alternative school helped me succeed

The saying “never give up” may come from many different places, like a teacher or a lecture or the article “My second chance at school.” This article was just great. It is a clear example of why we should never give up. If the writer had given up, she’d probably be working a low-paying job like at a fast-food restaurant or something. It takes a lot of dedication to do everything she did.
Jose Rocha
East Valley HS

Learning how to juggle

I really liked the article “Catching on to juggling.” I also love to juggle. I am not a pro or anything, but I still enjoy juggling two or three balls. I also enjoy doing tricks similar to those the writer did. I also liked this article because it made me laugh. I liked reading what Freddy went through to learn juggling because it taught me perseverance. I like how he felt accomplished after he learned how to juggle. I can relate because I feel the same way about juggling.
Kevin Yi
Wilson MS

Proud that my family recycles

At home, we are big recyclers. We get $30 a month from recycling, which gives us extra spending cash. My dad has a bin for recycling outside the kitchen door. We don’t really think about it anymore, it’s just a habit now. When my dad walks the dog at the park he sometimes picks up bottles and cans lying around. The money really adds up and we help the environment at the same time! Recycling is a habit worth having.
Ashley Mendoza
Madison MS

More to school than books

I really understand how Ben feels about moving to the United States from Korea. I came from the Philippines and our schools are similar to the schools in Korea. The teachers didn’t care what your interests were. They only cared how much you memorized. I’m glad I left school there in the first grade. The schools and the teachers here understand and care about what I say and what I’m interested in. Ben and I have a lot in common. I really like how he talks about his true feelings about his school in Korea and how he compares it to schools here in the U.S.
Kyle Hulguin
Wilson MS